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Educational Charts

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Human Physiology Science Charts for Educational Lab


Human Physiology Science Charts - SIZE 75 X 100 CMS - Printed on non-tearable, weather proof, markable and washable, Polyart plastic sheet.

Human Physiology Charts for Educational Lab


Human Physiology Charts (Size 75 X 100 Cms):

The Lymphatic System in Human    
Excretory System in Human -Kidney, L.S.
Excretory System in Human -Ureters
Excretory System in Human -Urinary bladder
Excretory System in Human -Malpighian Corpuscle
T.S. in Human Skin
Reproductive System in Human
Human Brain Ex....

Human Physiology Anatomy Charts - Size 75 X 100 Cms for Educational Lab


AIDS Chart Size 75x100 Cms for Educational Lab


AIDS Chart Size 75x100 Cms - Printed on non-tearable, weather proof, markable and washable. Polyart plastic sheet. Supplied loose or fitted with plastic rollers at top and bottom for hanging.

AIDS Symptoms and Prevention Chart
Non-contagious Nature of AIDS Chart
Transmission of Virus that Causes AIDS Chart
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (S.T.D.) Chart

Geography Charts (POLYART PLASTIC) for Educational Lab


Geography Charts (POLYART PLASTIC)

1. Life History of a star

2. Endangered Earth

3. Affect of Solar System

4. How Does Weather changes

5. Solar System

6. How does the shape of Land change

7. Chart of Volcano

8. Solar and lunar Eclipse

9. Phases of Moon.