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Chemistry Lab Equipments - Chemistry Instruments India, Chemistry Instruments Exporters, Chemistry Instruments Suppliers. Chemistry Instruments Manufacturers Ambala. Indian Chemistry Instruments. Naugra Export are Educational Chemistry Lab Equipments Suppliers to School and Universities . Chemistry Lab Equipments Exporters from Ambala. Naugra Scientific are Laboratory Equipments Manufacturers from India.

Safety Goggles for Chemistry Lab  

Safety Goggles - Protects eyes CGEN-0001A: Safety Goggles Clear (Can be used over normal spectacles) CGEN-0001B: Safety Goggles Dark CGEN-0001C: Safety Goggles Clear Small...

Product Code: CGEN-0001 - (Safety Goggles for Chemistry Lab)

Faceshield for Chemistry Lab  

Faceshield - Plastic visor, transparent non flammable for protection against chemicals splashes and impact from flying objects....

Product Code: CGEN-0002 - (Faceshield for Chemistry Lab)

APRON for Chemistry Lab  

Heavy duty white. Resistant to most chemicals including strong acids and alkalis....

Product Code: CGEN-0003 - (APRON for Chemistry Lab)

Lab Coats for Chemistry Lab  

Modern styling, white polyester / cotton drill concealed press-stud fastenings, backvent and three large pockets. Size: Small, Medium, Large...

Product Code: CGEN-0004 - (Lab Coats for Chemistry Lab)

BALANCE CHEMICALS for Chemistry Lab  

Beam with notches graduated for rider use with zero at center. Six point arrestment. The beam is raised for working. Knives and planes best quality agate. Pans are of stainless steel concave inwards.

Capacity : 200gm.
Sensitivity : 0.2 mg.
Pan Diameter : 7.5 cm....

Product Code: CGEN-0005 - (BALANCE CHEMICALS for Chemistry Lab)

BALANCE COUNTER for Chemistry Lab  

It has equal arms, durable handy and precision instrument, body made of cast iron and pan made of steel....

Product Code: CGEN-0006 - (BALANCE COUNTER for Chemistry Lab)

BALANCE ROBERVAL for Chemistry Lab  

Simple model, body made of cast iron and pans are of metal.
Size: 2 Kg. , 5 Kg....

Product Code: CGEN-0007 - (BALANCE ROBERVAL for Chemistry Lab)

Triple Beam Balance for Chemistry Lab  

Triple Beam Balance are specially designed to handle weighing solids and powder. Three notched and tiered beams with center reading . Indicating sliding masses giving total weighing capacity of 610 gm. The capacity can be increased up to 2610 gm. by using supplementary masses. Spring loaded zero adjust compensator and magnetic damping are provided for fast setting and reading....

Product Code: CGEN-0008 - (Triple Beam Balance for Chemistry Lab)

Triple Beam Balance Mass Set for Chemistry Lab  

Masses set used with Balance to increase capacity up to 2610 gm. Comprises one 500 gm. and two 1000 gm. masses....

Product Code: CGEN-0008A - (Triple Beam Balance Mass Set for Chemistry Lab)

BALANCE SINGLE PAN for Chemistry Lab  

Balances single pan balance, capacity 311gm. x 10 mg. with FOUR BEAMS each provided with a non-removable slider and graduated 0 to 200 x 100gm., 0 to 100 x 10gm., 0 to 10 x 1gm. and 0 to 1gm. x 10 mg. respectively. Additional masses are not required. With zero adjustment and stainless steel pan 90 mm. diameter with two pouring spouts and handle. Height of stirrup 175 mm. Magnetically damped beam movement ensures rapid weighing. A platform housed in the base can be used for density determination....

Product Code: CGEN-0009 - (BALANCE SINGLE PAN for Chemistry Lab)

BALANCE, DOUBLE BEAM for Chemistry Lab  

Two pan balance for accurate and rapid weighing up to 2 Kg. when used with supplementary masses. The balance has a cast alloy base and featured angled beam with center reading poises, magnetic damping, spring loaded zero adjust compensator, precision ground knives and cross braced aluminum alloy beam....

Product Code: CGEN-0010 - (BALANCE, DOUBLE BEAM for Chemistry Lab)


Specially designed balance for Schools, Colleges, Universities. Simple easy flourescent display....

Product Code: CGEN-0011 - (ELECTRONIC BALANCE ANALYTICAL for Chemistry Lab)


Range of simple, accurate, top loading balances. Auto Zero Tracking. Large LCD, 6 digits 15 mm. Low battery indication....

Product Code: CGEN-0012 - (BALANCE ELECTRONICS for Chemistry Lab)

BASIN EVAPORATING (Flat) for Chemistry Lab  

Porcelain, flat form, with spout, glazed inside and outside except for rim....

Product Code: CGEN-0013 - (BASIN EVAPORATING (Flat) for Chemistry Lab)

BASIN EVAPORATING (Deep) for Chemistry Lab  

Porcelain, with spout, deep form, flat bottom glazed except outside base....

Product Code: CGEN-0014 - (BASIN EVAPORATING (Deep) for Chemistry Lab)


Round bottom, with spout, translucent....

Product Code: CGEN-0015 - (BASIN, EVAPORATING, SILICA for Chemistry Lab)


Porcelain, tall, glazed inside and outside except base, with lid. ...

Product Code: CGEN-0016 - (CRUCIBLE PORCELAIN (TALL) for Chemistry Lab)


Porcelain, squat, glazed inside and outside except base, with lid....

Product Code: CGEN-0017 - (CRUCIBLE PORCELAIN (SQUAT) for Chemistry Lab)

CRUCIBLE (SILICA) for Chemistry Lab  

Low, glazed inside and outside, with lid....

Product Code: CGEN-0018 - (CRUCIBLE (SILICA) for Chemistry Lab)

BURNER BUNSEN for Chemistry Lab  

Nickel plated burner tube with rotatable air regulator & cylindrical riffled connector, mounted on base. To be used with LPG gas....

Product Code: CGEN-0019 - (BURNER BUNSEN for Chemistry Lab)
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