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Digital Multimeters


Digital Multimeters - Should be able to measure VAC, VDC, VAC+DC, mA DC, mA AC+DC, Resistance, Continuity, Diode, Farad

Digital function generators


Digital function generators - Frequency range:  0.1HZ – 20MHZ

Frequency resolution: 0.1HZ

Frequency stability: ± 20ppm

Frequency accuracy: ± 20ppm

Output: Sine, Square, Triangle

Amplitude: 10Vpp (into 50Ω load)

Impedance: 50Ω ± 10%

Attenuation: -20dB ± 1dB X 2

DC Offset:   ...

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes


Digital Storage Oscilloscopes - DC – 100 MHz, Dual Trace, Four Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), Bandwidth: 100MHz, Colour LCD screen of at least 5”, sampling rate at least 1GS/s, Vertical resolution: 8 bit or higher, Vertical Sensitivity: 2mV/div – 5V/div, Input impedance at least 1MΩ, input coupling: AC, DC & Ground, Max input voltage 300V RMS or higher, ...

Radar Trainer


Radar Trainer - Analogue Radar Systems: Continuous wave: FM and Pulsed. Digital Radar System. Tracking Systems: Active locating and tracking. Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurement and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery. Electronically Steered radar antennas: Phased Array Antenna. Electronic injection, and elimination thereof, of noise and clutter.  Active jamming: noise, frequency. ...

Satellite Communications Trainer


Satellite Communications Trainer - The trainer should be built around a typical high power advanced digital satellite receiving station that can receive all the satellites that broadcast TVRO in the Asia area. It should consist of a typical TVRO system that has been specially modified for training. The package should include everything that is required for TVRO: the Parabolic dish, dish ...

Cellular Communications Trainer


Cellular Communications Trainer  - Should provide a modularized approach to the design with major components of mobile telephony communication system in separate modules and measurement on each of the sections represented by these components; Should operate in the 900 or 1800 band or a more recent cellular communications technology; Should come with multiple cell phones - at least ...

ISDN Trainer


ISDN Trainer - Hardware: Reconfigurable training modules with a signal processors for downloading programs for operation of central office and PABX: at least 2 (2) digital telephone interface modules and two (2) analogue telephone interface modules. At least Two (2) digital telephone sets and two (2) ISDN-type telephone sets. Hardware interconnection of multiple Central Offices, PABXs and a ...

LCD TV systems Trainer


LCD TV systems Trainer - This LCD trainer should be designed to teach television operation, theory and trouble shooting of color televisions. The trainer should be based upon a popular brand color television with modifications done to enhance the learning experience and could be integrated with other AV trainer for a complete AV systems.  This LCD TV trainer  should be based upon ...

Digital Signal Processing and analogue filters Trainer


Digital Signal Processing and analogue filters Trainer - Digital Signal Processor module: with at least 20 circuit faults and circuit modifications, should be able to offer digital filtering techniques used in digital signal processing (FIR and IIR). Should be structured to provide detailed study of the components of a digital signal processor and be capable of running DSP algorithms generated ...

Digital communications trainer


Digital communications trainer - Digital Communication Trainer should be designed in a modular format using base station and PCB module approach in order to make the program both comprehensive and flexible for both student and the teacher.  The base station should provide a working platform for the Digital Communication Modules.  All necessary equipment such as power supplies, ...

Short range wireless communications


Short range wireless communications - May have any of: WLAN trainer (IEEE 802.11n) should cover protocols and important measurements for understanding the communication systems; should come with software (compatible with windows 7) for configuration and monitoring; complete RFID, Zigbee and Bluetooth development boards and software.

Interfaces: GPIB (IEEE 1488.2), USB 2.0 (or higher) ...

Analogue communications trainer


Analogue communications trainer - Should have a complete analogue communication system in a modularized approach, in particular: generation of analogue signals, filtering and amplification including limiters, modulation (including mixers and oscillators), transmission over a noisy channel (provision for addition of noise), reception, demodulation/detection; different types of receiver ...

MATLAB Software

AAE 14

MATLAB Software - The latest version at the time of purchase for educational purposes; licenses for the institutions computers; capability for updating to more recent versions when desired; compatible with Windows XP® and Windows 7® (x32 and x64) or later.

Acoustics training equipment


Acoustics training equipment - Electroacoustic plane waves,

Modeling of microphones and speakers

Electroacoustic measurements: characteristics of loudspeakers and microphones, transmission loss

Electroacoustic vibrations and transmissions

Fibre Optical communications trainer


Fibre Optical communications trainer - Features:

This trainer should be used to teach a  students about the basic theory of fiber-optic communication and explore the capabilities of many fiber-optic circuits, used in digital data transmission and analog transmission. Students will be able to set up the cabling requirement, for making a fiber optic communication circuit using ...

Network Analyzer


Network Analyzer - Frequency: range: 200kHz or less  – 11 GHz or greater, capability to measure high and low frequency device characteristics, multi-port networks scattering parameters, non-linear behaviour; should have vector error correction and digital displays with marker and capability to display in different modes.
Software for direct communication with a Personal ...



Computers - At least Pentium 4 duo-core at 2.0GHz or better, Intel® motherboard, at least 2GB RAM, at least 250GB hard disk storage, Windows 7 (x32), at least class 2 17” TFT monitor capable of displaying multiple resolutions (including 1024x768). At least 4 USB 2.0 ports or later; serial port; parallel port; SD-card reader, Ethernet port and LAN card, inbuilt speakers, USB mouse and ...

Transmission lines and Antennas trainer


Transmission lines and Antennas trainer -

Microwaves and waveguides


Microwaves and waveguides -

Power Systems Trainer


Power Systems Trainer -

High Voltage Technology Trainer


High Voltage Technology Trainer -

Wind, Solar Energy trainers


Wind, Solar Energy  trainers -

Breakdown test machine


Breakdown test machine -

Special and Micro machines


Special and Micro machines -

Machine design equipment


Machine design equipment -

Sensors and transducers


Sensors and transducers -

Programmable Logic Controller Application Modules


Programmable Logic Controller Application Modules -

Control engineering trainers PID control trainer


Control engineering trainers PID control trainer -

Integrated Circuits


Integrated Circuits -

SMD Hot Air Rework Station


SMD Hot Air Rework Station -

Basic Electronic Trainer


Basic Electronic Trainer  -

Basic Electricity Trainer, PCB Modular Trainer


Basic Electricity Trainer, PCB Modular Trainer  -

Spectrum Analyzer


Spectrum Analyzer  -

Magnetism and electromagnetism characteristic trainer kits


Magnetism and electromagnetism characteristic trainer kits