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Mechanics Physics Labware - Mechanics Lab Physics Experiments Kits Vacuum pump, Lab Laboratory Vacuum Pumps Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters India. Schools Laboratories & Educational Labs . Mechanics Physics Labware Exporters from Ambala. Naugra Scientific are Laboratory Equipments Manufacturers from India.

Atwood Machine  

It is used to study the motion under the effect of gravity of two mass systems connected through a lightweight cord, one on either side of a simple pulley. This apparatus comprises 2 long metals rods, one rod having a well-balanced 10cm pulley mounted at its one end on near-frictionless bearings and threads at other end for attaching it to the second rod to get a total working length of 245cm. A scale 0- 245×1cm continues from the top of rod with pulley to the bottom of the second rod.

Complete set includes electromagnetic release arrangement, set of 2 pairs of masses, Loading Masses – 1×1g, 2×2g, 1×4g, table/ring brackets, wall mounting clamps and lightweight cord....

Product Code: PMCH-0001 - (Atwood Machine)

Beam Assembly  

This apparatus consists of 1 meter long bar, chrome plated, table clamps, hanger.

Product Code: PMCH-0002 - (Beam Assembly)

Bucket and Cylinder  

Apparatus used for demonstrating Archimedes principle, there is a brass bucket and a brass cylinder. The bucket has a suspension loop at the top and a hook at the bottom. The cylinder has suspension hook at one end....

Product Code: PMCH-0003 - (Bucket and Cylinder)

Archimedes Cylinder  

Used in demonstration of Archimede’s principle or individual use. Comprising a chrome-plated cylinder with a suspension hook at its one end in close fitting....

Product Code: PMCH-0004 - (Archimedes Cylinder)

Compression Balance  

In plastic case with circular scale protected by a transparent cover, removable plastic pan, with zero adjustment....

Product Code: PMCH-0005 - (Compression Balance)

Cubes Assorted  

Set of 10 cubes one each of metals brass, lead, iron, copper, aluminium, zinc, and one each of marble, glass, hardwood, softwood....

Product Code: PMCH-0006 - (Cubes Assorted)

Cubic Decimeter  

Wooden cube of size 10cm, made of hard wood, precisely cut and finished, having a total volume of 1dm³ or 1000cm³.

Product Code: PMCH-0007 - (Cubic Decimeter)

Cubic Decimeter Plastic  

Made of plastic each cube of size 10cm, separated into 10 different 1cm colored layers, comes in a clear plastic container....

Product Code: PMCH-0008 - (Cubic Decimeter Plastic)

Cubes Metal - Metal Cube Set of 6  

Set of six of different metals brass, lead, iron, copper, aluminium and zinc....

Product Code: PMCH-0009 - (Cubes Metal - Metal Cube Set of 6)

Cubes Metal with Hooks  

For mass-density investigations....

Product Code: PMCH-0010 - (Cubes Metal with Hooks)

Cubes Wooden  

Set of 8 of different cubes, various wood. Supplied in wooden/plastic case....

Product Code: PMCH-0011 - (Cubes Wooden)

Displacement Vessel Glass  

Made of glass, for demonstration of specific gravity with overflow spout....

Product Code: PMCH-0012 - (Displacement Vessel Glass)

Displacement Vessel Tin Large  

Made of tin plate, for demonstration of specific gravity with overflow spout and handle....

Product Code: PMCH-0013 - (Displacement Vessel Tin Large)

Displacement Vessel Tin  

Made of tin plate, for demonstration of specific gravity with overflow spout....

Product Code: PMCH-0014 - (Displacement Vessel Tin)

Displacement Vessel Brass  

Made of brass, for demonstration of specific gravity with overflow spout and handle....

Product Code: PMCH-0015 - (Displacement Vessel Brass)

Elastic Materials Kit  

This kit is used to understand the concept of elasticity by students.

Product Code: PMCH-0016 - (Elastic Materials Kit)

Eureka Can  

To demonstrate displacement of liquids made of plastic with overflow spout....

Product Code: PMCH-0017 - (Eureka Can)

Flectchers Trolley  

Comprises a lightweight aluminum track with leveling screws and cushioned stops at either end, pulley fixed towards one end, clamp for vibrator and automatic pen release....

Product Code: PMCH-0018 - (Flectchers Trolley)

Fly Wheel  

200 mm diameter metal wheel mounted on a balanced horizontal shaft in metal bracket drilled for wall mounting & pointer is fixed to one of the brackets....

Product Code: PMCH-0019 - (Fly Wheel)

Force Table  

To verify the law of composition and resolution of forces.

Product Code: PMCH-0020 - (Force Table)
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