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About Naugra Export

Naugra Export is specialized in manufacturing and exporting high quality teaching instruments, engineering educational equipments and technical training machines. We design and develop equipments keeping in mind the latest trends, developments and the needs of the teaching industry.

Naugra Export equipments are supported by the Educational Development Departments, which helps us to implement latest educational and training products to enhance the teaching processes, to meet the changing needs of students and teaching staff. We provide training products and teaching systems that can be used by schools, training institutes, technical colleges, engineering academies, industrial training centres, vocational centres, occupational educational programs, engineering colleges and universities.

Naugra Export training systems are built to help students meet the requirements for their specific program and prepare them for a successful future in the workplace. Each training equipment and workshop machine is developed with the close association of the most competent heads in the industry and trade.

School Science Educational Equipments

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