Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipments

Civil Engineering Lab Equipments
Naugraexport is a leading civil engineering lab equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from India that offers wide range of civil engineering laboratory equipments at most competitive prices. These lab equipments are manufactured in compliance with international quality standards. Being the most trusted and reliable civil engineering lab equipments suppliers, our high-quality products are highly demanded around the world.

Naugraexport uses high quality tested components and superior raw materials procured from trusted merchants for the production process. We customise our civil engineering lab equipments according to the client's exact specifications. Our rich experience and technical expertise in the field of manufacturing and supplying civil engineering laboratory equipments has also made us competent in serving clients all around the world.

We are manufacturer and supplier of all types of civil engineering equipments for scientific instrumentation industry, university and research labs, science colleges, schools, engineering colleges and various industries.

Some of the civil engineering lab equipments are Survey Instruments, Cement and Concrete Testing Equipments, Structural Engineering Lab Instruments, Masonry Workshop Tools, Plumbing Workshop Instruments, Carpentry Workshop Equipments, Workshop Machinery etc.


FAQs About Civil Engineering Lab Equipments

  • What is civil engineering lab equipment?

    These are the tools that are used while analyzing the quality of soils, asphalt, concrete, cement and mortar, bitumen, steel, and other essential materials used in civil engineering.

  • What are the tools and equipments used in civil engineering?

    There are more than a hundred tools that are used in civil engineering. There are measuring instruments for surveying, concrete testing, soil testing, water quality, and more, and there is construction equipment for highway, high-rise buildings, dams, airports, water treatment, and more, respectively.

  • What are civil engineering materials?

    The mostly used civil engineering materials are wood, cement and concrete, and bitumen materials.

  • Why do we test construction materials?

    Testing the construction material is essential for analyzing the raw material and maintaining quality standards throughout the production process.

  • Who are the best civil engineering laboratory equipment manufacturers in India?

    The mark of the best civil engineering laboratory equipment manufacturers in India is quality at affordable prices. Naugra Export is a premium equipment manufacturing company in India that offers a varied range of laboratory equipment at guaranteed quality standards.