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NDT Testers - Concrete

NDT Testers - Concrete
Naugra Export is the most trusted NDT testers equipments manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. All our NDT testers instruments undergo extensive testing on various quality parameters to ensure our stands on superior quality across the globe.

We offer a wide range of NDT testers instruments in various engineering schools, universities, research & testing labs, vocational training centers, government projects & industries.

Our NDT testers are SCHMIDT test hammer, silver SCHMIDT test hammer, testing anvil, ultrasonic instrument, torrent permeability tester, pull off tester etc.

SCHMIDT Test Hammer Type N - NDT Lab Testing For Testing Lab


SCHMIDT Test Hammer Type N: Measuring range 10 to 70 N/mm² compressive strength (below 25 N/mm² type P is better suited). Impact energy = 2,207 Nm. Rebound values are read from a scale. Testing the compressive strength of a prefabricated concrete girder. Rebound values are recorded by an assistant who will calculate mean values and read compressive strength values from a conversion ...

SCHMIDT Test Hammer Type NR For Testing Lab


SCHMIDT Test Hammer Type NR: Measuring range 10 to 70 N/mm² compressive strength. Impact energy = 2,207 Nm. Rebound values are recorded as a bar chart on a paper strip. One roll of paper strip offers space for 4000 test impacts. A bridge concreted in several stages is tested for uniform concrete quality. The engineer will perform a series of tests in intervals of 10 m each.

SCHMIDT Test Hammer Type DIGI-SCHMIDT For Testing Lab


SCHMIDT Test Hammer Type DIGI-SCHMIDT: Measuring range 10 (ND) / 18 (LD) to 70 compressive strength. Rebound values are measured by an electronic method and may be read directly as compressive strength values.

Silver SCHMIDT Test Hammer For Testing Lab


Silver SCHMIDT Test Hammer - For Extended Range of Applications - Conversion curves are provided for a wide range of compressive concrete strength, including low and high strength concrete fc<10 N/mm2 (1.450 psi) and up to 170 N/mm2 (24.650 psi).
2. Conversion curves for different types of modern concrete are preset in the Silver Schmidt, based on tests performed by an independent ...

Testing Anvil For Testing Lab


Testing Anvil - Each test hammer should be checked after 1000 test impacts. A testing anvil is used to check whether there bound test mechanism is working correctly. In case of values beyond the tolerance (due to contamination by very fine cement, wear or defects) cleaning or inspection will be required.

Ultrasonic Instrument For Testing Lab


Ultrasonic Instrument - The pulse velocity in a material depends on its density and its elastic properties, which in turn are related to the quality and the compressive strength of the material. It is therefore possible to obtain information about the properties of components by sonic investigations:
1. Uniformity of the concrete
2. Cavities, cracks, defects due to fire and frost
3. Modulus ...

PROFOMETER 5+ Rebar Detection System For Testing Lab


PROFOMETER 5+ Rebar Detection System - Location and orientation of reinforcing bars. Measuring concrete cover depth. Determination of bar diameter. Compact, user-friendly indicating device with backlight. ProVista PC software for fast data transfer and editing. Can be operated in metric and imperial units

Torrent Permeability Tester For Testing Lab For Testing Lab


Torrent Permeability Tester : The permeability of concrete at the surface (concrete cover) has been recognized as a major factor in determining the durability of concrete structures. Many specialists emphasize the importance of this property and the possibility of measuring it reliably - not only in the laboratory but also at the building site.

Pull-Off Tester DYNA For Testing Lab


Pull-Off Tester DYNA - Testing is carried out directly on the structure. It can be measured on any point of the structure. For the determination of the tension strength it is not necessary to install test devices prior to the casting of the concrete. It is ideal for the evaluation of strength in concrete renovation.
Advantages :
1. Mobile for use in any location
2. Independent of mains ...