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MOE Tenders

Ministry of Education - Tenders

Wide range of Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Products and Materials

Naugra Export - Supply of Tender Materials, Schools Project. - Bidding and Tendering for the Ministry of Education. Naugra Export is an ISO 9001 certified company whose activities are mainly focused on school educational, technical and engineering training labs projects in developing countries and upcoming markets. Naugra Export offer turn-key services for any kind of project in the field of education and industrial training from primary up to higher education and vocational training. Naugra Export are a worldwide specialized supplier of technical training equipments for tenders global tenders financed by World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank and other leading international financial institutions.

Correspondence (India): Educational Scientific Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers Suppliers India

Naugra Export
6148/6, Guru Nanak Marg,
Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India.

Email : sales@naugraexport.com

Order Help-Line: +91-9896600003
Fax: +91-0171-2607146
Website: www.naugraexport.com

Naugra Export - Leading Scientific Equipments Manufacturers, Laboratory Equipments Manufacturers, Scientific Equipment Suppliers, Scientific Lab Equipment Suppliers, School Lab Equipments Manufacturers, Educational Scientific Instruments Exporters, Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers, Biology Lab Instruments Models Exporters, Chemistry Laboratory Equipments Manufactures, Laboratory Equipments Exporters.

Our Range:

Naugra Export Scientific Educational Equipments Manufacturers:

Naugra Export leading name of School Education Science Equipment Suppliers, Naugra Export is the most trusted brand in supplying a large variety of Middle School & High School Lab Equipment. We manufacturer all type of Scientific Laboratory Apparatus including Kjeldahl Units, Distillation Units for different laboratory experiments. Looking for Heating & Cooling Lab Equipments, feel free to contact us anytime. We provide a wide range Laboratory Water Baths, Hot Plates, Deep Freezers, Laboratory Fume Hoods, Laboratory Muffle Furnace, Lab Stirrers & Shakers. Being a major Educational Lab Equipment Manufacturer, our team members are always ready to communicate with the esteemed customers & helps them to clear their doubts and providing the material they need.

Naugra Export Physics Lab Equipments Manufacturers:
Naugra Export are the prime exporters & suppliers of Physics Lab Equipments, Physics Instruments, Educational Physics Laboratory Apparatus, Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers India. We provide Physics Electricity & Magnetism Equipment, Electrostatics Physics Labware, Physics Optical Instruments, High School Physics Lab Kits, Stroke Engine Models Kit & Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipment Suppliers in India. Our Physics Equipment range consists of AC DC moving coil meters, Oscilloscopes, Concave & Convex Lens, Tuning Forks etc.

Naugra Export Chemistry Lab Equipment Manufacturer in India:
Naugra Export are chief manuafacturer & exporter of Chemistry Lab Equipment from India. Our firm is a one stop shop for chemistry lab equipment. Our Chemistry Lab Instruments includes Bunsen Burners, Laboratory Cleaning Brushes, Filter Paper, Basins & Crucibles, Analytical Balance for Chemistry Lab, Gas Taps for School Labs and many more chemistry laboratory goods. Visit our website in detail to know more about Chemistry Lab Equipment List for High School.

Naugra Export Engineering Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers:
Naugra Export offer a large range of Engineering Lab Educational Equipments which includes an array of Engineering Training Models, Engineering College Lab Equipment Suppliers, Engineering Training Equipment, Engineering Mechanics & Machine Elements, Engines & Machines Models for use in Engineering Schools, Engineering Colleges, Universities & Technical Institutes which makes us the largest Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipment Manufacturers in Ambala. Send us your requirement today & our executive will contact you and meet your requirement.

Naugra Export Electronics Trainer Kit Manufacturer in India:
Electronics Training Kits India - Naugra Export are Educational Trainer Kit Manufacturer, Electronic Lab Equipment Suppliers, Electronics Lab Trainer Kit Exporters in India. We offer a variety of electronics equipment and tools, electronics trainer board, digital electronics lab trainers, electronics training kit & electronics engineering lab training kit for use in engineering colleges, universities, educational tenders & training institutes. Also, we are service providers of electrical engineering lab equipment list, electrical engineering lab machines, electrical Machine trainers for electrical lab, engineering training equipment, Electrical Equipment in Ambala Cantt which makes us the largest Electrical Lab AC DC Machines Manufacturing Company in India.

Naugra Export Pharmacy College Lab Equipment Manufacturers:
Naugra Export are most significant Pharmacy Lab Equipments Manufacturers, Pharmacy Lab Instruments Suppliers for use in Pharmacy Industries & Colleges. Our pharmacy lab equipments includes bottle filling machine, pharmacy capsule filling machine, rotarod apparatus at lowest price, tablet making machine manufacturers in india, tablet counting and filling machine from India. Without Pharmacy Lab Equipments in Laboratories, students of pharmacy are like soldiers without arms.

Naugra Export Laboratory Glassware & Plasticware Manufacturers in India:
Naugra Export are most trusted Plastic Labware Manufacturer in India & Lab Glassware Suppliers from Ambala. Our Plastic Laboratoryware includes a wide range of Dropping Bottles, Plastic Centrifuge Tubes, Platic Measuring Cylinders, Pneumatic Troughs, Polypropylene Beakers, Slide Box, Test Tube Stand Online India and many more plastic laboratory equipments for use in chemistry labs. We are Scientific Laboratory Glassware Exporters, Wholesale Educational Glassware Suppliers, Laboratory Glassware and Instruments Manufacturing Company, Glassware Lab Equipment Traders, Glassware Online India, Industrial Glassware Manufacturers in India which includes Glass Beakers, Round Bottom Flask, Glass Dessicators Vacuum, Crystallization Dish, Erlenmeyer Flask and Conical Flask, Flat Bottom Flask for Chemistry Lab, Glass Measduring Cylinders, aboratory Glassware Funnel, Laboratory Test Tubes which are provided to the valuable customers at economical range.