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Mathematics Lab Kit

Mathematics Kit Exporters, Maths Kits Manufacturers - We produce Comprehensive Maths kits for the classroom and for maths teachers, these strand specific kits, problem solving kits are excellent for teaching maths topics.

Junior Mathematics Kit for Maths Lab


Junior Mathematics Kit - Mathematics Learning Kit, Mathematics Kit Junior for Mathematics Labs Material encompassing:

1. Abacus

2. Jr. Abacus

3. Power²

4. Sit & Set

5. Tangram

6. Base & Place Value Kit

7. Fraction Square

8. Algebra Identity set

9. Decimal Plate

10. R....

Senior Mathematics Kit for Maths Lab


Senior Mathematics Kit - The kit for senior school students understand the concepts of mathematics includes Geoboard, Magnetic Fraction Disk, Set of Marbles, Pythagorus Theorem (Magnetic), Dummy Cheque Book & Pay In Slip and others maths teaching equipments.

1. Geoboard

2. Magnetic Fraction Disk

3. Set Of Marbles

4. Pythagorus Theorem (Magnetic) ....

Square Set for Maths Lab


Square Set - Geometry covers exploration of size, shape position and movement of 2d and 3d figures. Students compare and construct these figures and explore their properties. 2310

Tangram for Maths Lab


Tangram, Bulk Plastic Tangram Set for Maths Lab. Includes pieces each in red, green, blue, and yellow. Comes in a plastic storage container.

Stencil for Maths Lab


Letters and Numbers Stencil 2578

Circles, Squares, Geometric Stencil for Maths Lab


Stencil Plastic - Circles, Squares, Geometric Stencil for Maths Lab 2600

Stencil Lettering 15mm, for Maths Lab


Stencil Lettering 15mm, for Maths Lab 2604

Centimetre of cubes for Maths Lab


Centimetre of cubes 2273

Elementary two-pan balance for Maths Lab


Elementary two-pan balance 2828

Plastic two-bucket balance for Maths Lab


Plastic two-bucket balance 2748

Geometrical feature (dissectable) for Maths Lab


Geometrical feature (dissectable)