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Lab Microscopes and Slides

Lab Microscopes and Slides
NaugraExport is a leading lab microscopes & slides manufacturers, suppliers & exporters based in Haryana, India. Our laboratory microscopes & slides are widely recognized for their high efficiency, clear view & latest designs. While manufacturing our lab microscopes & slides we consider all the basic criteria to fulfill the industry norms to make our product reliable, superior & efficient.

We have a diversified range of lab microscopes & slides used widely in many educational institutes, testing & research labs, microbiology, biotechnology, forensic labs worldwide at affordable price.

Few of our laboratory microscopes & slides are student microscopes, medical microscopes, dissecting microscopes, stereo binocular microscopes, zoom stereo binocular microscopes, zoom stereo trinocular microscopes, PENTA microscopes, coaxial trinocular microscopes, inclined monocular microscopes, slides staining box, slide staining rack, slide box, teakwood slide box, slide tray, microslide glasses, microslide blood grouping glasses etc.

Student Microscope for Science Lab


Mainly used for routine microscopy in labs of schools where high magnification is not required. It has a U-shape base, monocular stable inclinable body having coarse motion with rack and pinion, light control by disc or iris - diaphragm, complete in plywood cabinet. Stand Stable & Robust, traditional Horse Shoe base.
Body Inclined through 90 deg, standard tube length of 160 mm ...

Medical Microscope for Science Lab


Stable and Robust, assembled
from Aluminium DIE-CAST parts.

Dissecting Microscope for Science Lab


Junior Dissecting Microscope, Senior Dissecting Microscope

Vernier Microscope for Science Lab


Travelling Microscope with 18 cms. and 15cms. Stainless steel scales. Vernier reading to 0.01 mm,
provided with achromatic objective and 10x Ramsden eye piece with fine cross line hair.

Coaxial Binocular Microscope (STD) for Science Lab


aluminum pressure die-casted body. Coaxial Binocular Microscope (STD)

Biological Microscope for Science Lab


Compensation free Binocular/Trinocular Head, Inclined at 30º, Interpupilary Distance 55-75

Objectives for Science Lab


Achromatic Objectives 2x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 45x, 60x and 100x

Eyepieces for Science Lab


Phase Contrast cum Bright Field with turret phase contrast equipment

Observation Heads for Science Lab


Binocular Observation Head 360 deg. rotatable and 45 deg. inclined head with all anti-fungus
coated prisms

Overhead Projector with Dual Lamp System for Science Lab


With Dual Lamp System, two Halogen Bulbs 24V/250 watt are provided for immediate
changing of bulb by shifting the lever.

Microscope Glass Slides Plain for Science Lab, Microscopes Lab Exporters


Made from best clear and optically flat glass, with ground and polished edges. 

Microscope Glass Slides Frosted for Science Lab


Made from best clear and optically flat glass, with ground and polished edges. 

Slides Micro Concavity for Science Lab


Manufactured from the best
selected glass sheets, optically flat glass for microscope use, ground polished edges, clean and ready for use. Size 75 x 26 mm. ± 1.5 mm. 

Microscopic Glass Slides V.D.R.L. for Science Lab


A noncorrosive frosted glass slide 75 x 56 x 3 mm. with bevelled edges having
concavities, used for Serodiagnostic tests. 

Micro Slide BLOOD GROUPING for Science Lab


Size 100 x 100 x 10 mm. thick with 12 concavities, each 21 mm. in dia. x 4 mm. deep. Surface of
the slide is frosted to provide smooth writing. Surface edges and corners are bevelled and polished.

Micro Cover Glasses Square for Science Lab


Made from clear and optically glass, the cover glasses are uniform in size and free from
scratches and striations

Micro Cover Glasses - RECTANGULAR for Science Lab


Made from clear and optically glass, the cover glasses are uniform in size and free
from scratches and striations.

Micro Cover Glasses CIRCULAR for Science Lab


Made from clear and optically glass, the cover glasses are uniform in size and free from
scratches and striations. Packed in plastic box for easy handling. Pack of 10 gms.

 Size 18 mm.

NMRO-0025L           Size 19 mm.

NMRO-0025M          ...

Staining Bottle Stand for Science Lab


Polished hardwood, for twelve dropping bottles.

Staining Trough for Science Lab


Glass trough with moulded glass cover. Side 117 mm. and height 65 mm.

Staining Jar for Science Lab


Glass jar, with moulded glass cover, takes 10 slides 76 x 25 mm.

Slides Staining Box for Science Lab


Polypropylene, size 125 x 125 x 50 mm. helps in staining, fixing, de-staining and handling fragile
electrophoresis gels and membranes. Resist temperature from -70°C to +70°C.

Staining Racks for Science Lab


All slides are held horizontally. Collapsible handles on both sides.

Slide Box Polystyrene for Science Lab


Polystyrene, durable, compact and provide protection to 75 x 25 mm. slides. Heavy walls will not
wrap, splinter or crack.

Teakwood - Slide Box Wooden for Science Lab


For keeping 75 x 25 mm. glass slide in vertical position in wooden grooves

Slide Tray Cabinet for Science Lab


Wooden cabinet for keeping 75 x 25 mm. glass slides in vertical position in wooden grooves individually
provided with index cardholder and lock.