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About Naugra

Scientific instrumentation industry has been playing a key role as a basis for technological development to sustain the growth of the world, with the passage of time there is an ever-increasing need for us at Naugra Export to meet the more diversified and sophisticated demand from all walks of our industrial society. Naugra Export with enormous and diverse experience, are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of scientific and laboratory equipment. With an aim to meet the overwhelming demand of the scientific community, we provide an entire range of instruments right from basic lab equipment to most sophisticated instruments for research labs.

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Naugra Export offer wide range of scientific instruments and laboratory equipments of Excellent Quality at Low Prices, with a Huge Selection and Personalized Customer Service.

Instruments for Research Labs, Colleges, Schools and various industries like:

In the future Naugra Export hope to keep on contribution towards building a more affluent human society by providing the customers with innovation products, best quality and perfect services. Thank you in advance for all your continuous support and patronage. Naugra Export will continue to do its best to satisfy your needs.

  • Life sciences
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental
  • Biotechnology
  • Food & beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Energy

Naugra ProductsNaugra Export believe in producing a product of the highest quality and design. Our products are carefully designed and manufactured in the spirit of old world craftsmanship. To ensure the highest quality and durability possible, all parts are individually checked and inspected before they are manufactured. Naugra Export also utilize state of the art design along with advance technology and tooling to make high performance instruments. Our employees are continually refining the products to ensure that they are the best modern products you can get.

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