Educational CNC Machines

Educational CNC Machines
Naugra Export is a leading educational CNC machines suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters in India. We are dedicated to provide high quality and standard educational CNC lab equipments at the most competitive price.

Our wide range of educational CNC machines are available at different grades according to the needs of clients. We are using excellent quality of raw material and modern technology under the leadership of industry experts. We are exporting a wide range of educational CNC lab equipments to government organizations, educational institutions, research centers etc

Our educational CNC machines are CNC lathe machine, CNC milling machine, CNC trainer milling machine, CNC retrofit kit, spin trainer, solar operations & maintenance etc.

CNC Trainers

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT22

Spin Train

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT23

Mill Train

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT24

Smart Mill 500

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT34

Smart Mill 600

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT35

Spinner 22

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT40

Spinner 25

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT41

Spinner 25 3000mm

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT42

Spinner 36

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT43

Robotic Arms

Lab Supply Code: NE-CNC-LAT45