School Science Lab Instruments

School Science Lab Instruments
Naugra Export is a leading school science lab instruments manufacturers, Secondary School Lab Apparatus suppliers and exporters in India. We manufacture superior quality school science lab equipment to ensure client's satisfaction. We are the most trusted school science instruments suppliers and exporters to biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, geography labs for learning, conducting tests and experiments in various schools, colleges, universities across the globe.

Our team of skilled and qualified professionals are dedicated to design and manufacture a high-quality range of school science instruments using quality raw material and advanced technology. School Lab Equipments, School Chemistry Lab Equipments, School Biology Lab Equipments, School Lab Instrument, High School Lab Equipments from Ambala, School Scientific Instrument, School Science Lab Equipments Manufacturer, School Educational Lab Equipments, School Lab Equipments Suppliers, School Physics Lab Equipmets, School Maths Lab Equipments, School Lab Equipments Manufacturer from India.

Our school science instruments are Science Lab Physics Basic Kit, Science Lab Chemistry Basic Kit, Science Lab Biology Basic Kit etc.

Student Kit Grade 5-8

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0002

Student Kit Grade 1-4

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0003

Probability Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0054

Bag Biodegradable

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0006

Paint Chalkboard Black

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0012

Globe Inflatable

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0015

Clock Teaching Wood

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0017

Slate Plastic A4

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0019

Blackboard Double-sided

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0022

Chalk White

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0023

Chalk Assorted Colors

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0024

Book Drawing

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0025

A4 Paper Assorted Colors

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0026

Beads Wood

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0028

Life Cycles Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0032

Changes in the Sky Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0033

Geological Changes Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0034

Electricity Kit Economy

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0035

Weather Value Pack

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0037

Vital Organs Value Pack

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0038

Microscope Value Pack

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0040

Magnetism Value Pack

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0041

Math Learning Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0043

2D Shape Maths Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0044

Triangle Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0049

Symmetry Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0051

Pascal Triangle Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0053

Mensuration Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0058

Teacher Resource Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0059

Adolescent Kit

Lab Supply Code: SCHOOLKITLAB0061