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Welcome to Naugra Export

Naugraexport is an educational scientific lab equipments manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in India. We are supplying a wide range of educational laboratory equipments like physics lab equipments, biology lab equipments and chemistry lab equipments to schools, colleges, universities, research labs etc around all over the world.

All of our educational lab equipments are made using high quality raw materials using the state-of-the-art technology and techniques that meet the international standards and are known to give excellent results helping us earn a wide clientele from all over the world. Our dedicated research and development team strives to innovate with their hard work to provide the high quality scientific lab instruments to clients.

Our extensive collection of educational scientific lab equipments are ready to make your laboratory well equipped and help students to develop collaborative learning abilities that are essential to succeed in many lifelong endeavours.

Some of our globally used educational scientific laboratory equipments are Physics Lab Equipments, Biology Lab Equipments, Chemistry Lab Equipments, Lab Microscopes and Slides, Laboratory Glassware, Science Lab Plasticware, Mathematics Lab Kit, Maths Lab Instruments, Geography Lab Models, High School Science Kits, Educational Charts, Technical School Lab equipments etc.

Educational Scientific Laboratory Equipments Manufacturers and Suppliers

Educational Scientific Laboratory Equipments - Being the largest educational lab equipments manufacturers and suppliers in India we are supplying a huge range of scientific laboratory equipments around all over the world at very competitive prices that are used in various schools, universities, colleges, and vocational training institutes.

Colleges and School Lab Equipments Suppliers - Naugraexport is a most trusted name in educational laboratory equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. We deliver wide range of educational lab equipments for physics lab, biology laboratories and chemistry lab across the globe. Our team of experts always make sure to design and develop the best educational laboratory instruments which make children's learning and education easier and fun loving. We have many departments such as R&D, testing etc to make sure we will design a product which should meet the need of current and coming generations.

Testing Lab Equipments, Material Testing Instruments And Test Equipments - Testing Labs Machines and Test Lab Equipments from India - Universal Testing Lab Machine, Gas Chromatography, Surveying Instruments, Aggregate Lab Testing, Bitumen Lab Testing, Concrete Lab Testing, Cement Lab Testing, NDT Metal Testers, Rock Testing Lab, NDT Testers, Oil, Petroleum & Paint Testing, Soil Testing Lab Equipments, Safety & Security Equipments, Steel Test Equipments, Brinell Hardness Tester, Tensile Testing Labs Machines.

Naugra Export is a world renowned educational scientific lab equipment manufacturers and supplier company, specialized in integrating Turnkey Projects. Naugra Export is an experienced company serving the needs of laboratories, research institutes, universities, environmental testing, healthcare and agricultural implementation sectors by undertaking design, engineering, procurement and supply of equipment and projects with intention to provide very best service to her customers. Naugra Export has been dedicated by working towards the development and benefits of communities across the Globe in a mission to supply affordable high quality products & services in its domain. Our goal is to work consistently towards improvement of living communities with the objective of providing safe environment, significant education system and preventative healthcare.

Technical Training Equipment
Electronics Labs
Engineering Labs
Civil Training Labs

DC Shunt Motors, Compound Motors, Induction and Synchronous Motor

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Digital Radar Training System Radar Trainers

Advanced Digital Radar Training System, Antenna Trainers and Satellite Trainers

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Microwave Test Benches Microwave Test Benches

Exporters of Microwave Test Bench - Klystron, Gunn Microwave Test Bench, Microwave Trainer Benches

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Physics Lab Equipments Physics Lab Equipments

Optics & Light, Fluid Mechanics, Optics, Sound & Waves, Mechanics

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Biology Lab Equipments Biology Lab Equipments

Anatomy Models, Zoology Models, Botany Models, Dissecting Tools Kits

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CNC Trainers CNC Trainers

CNC Educational Lathe Trainer & Milling Machine Trainer, CNC Trainer

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Chemistry Lab Equipments Chemistry Lab Equipments

Alcohol lamps, Chemicals, Safety gear, Burners

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Soil Testing Equipments Soil Testing Equipments

Soil Cone Penetrometer, Liquid Limit Device, Sand Equivalent Shaker Set

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Naugra Export Scientific Lab Equipments Suppliers

Products 20000+
Clients 1000+
Turnkey Projects 2000+
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