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Survey Laboratory Equipment

Survey Lab Equipment
Naugra Export is a leading survey laboratory equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. Our experts are always determined to manufacture high-quality surveying and mining engineering lab equipments to match the client's expectations and requirements.

We are exporting surveying and mining engineering laboratory equipments around all over the world at the competitive prices.

Some of our survey and mining engineering laboratory instruments are automatic level for surveying testing, laser distance meter lite for surveying testing, dumpy levels for surveying testing, vernier theodolite for surveying testing etc.

Automatic Level For Testing Lab for Surveying Testing Lab


Automatic Level for Surveying Testing - Manufactured meticulously using International Standard. Tightly sealed construction for use in any weather. Fast accurate two-speed focusing. Friction-braked rotation and endless horizontal drive. Optical sight for quick pointing. Metal circular bubble. Fit all tripod with G5/8\" or M16 screw.
Optional accessories : metal or wooden tripod, metal ...

Laser Distancemeter Lite For Testing Lab for Surveying Testing Lab


Laser Distancemeter Lite for Surveying Testing - Base Model for all basic measurements. It is small, robust base model for modern measurements. Reliable, accurate, precise and easy-to-use.

Dumpy Levels For Testing Lab for Surveying Testing Lab


Dumpy Levels for Surveying Testing - Quick setting dumpy level with erect image, 20x magnification, in plastic carrying case. Length case. Length 225mm/175mm. Complete with wooden or aluminium folding tripod. Axis made up of aluminium & brass.

Vernier Theodolite For Testing Lab for Surveying Testing Lab


Vernier Theodolite for Surveying Testing - German pattern vernier theodolite least count 05/10/20 seconds as per customer requirements with four slow motion, erect image, 22x magnification, coated lens, alongwith powder coated/ anodized folding. Aluminum tripod complete in plastic/ wooden carrying case. Optical plummet arrangement is provided for centring.

Electronic Total Station For Testing Lab for Surveying Testing Lab


Electronic Total Station for Surveying Testing - We have with us precision engineered range of Electronic Total Station. These are customized as per the specifications of our clients and are designed and developed in accordance with various industrial standards.
This range is available with following accessories:
Battery charger
Tool kit with case
Plastic carrying case
Silicon ...

Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless) For Testing Lab for Surveying Testing Lab


Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless) for Surveying Testing - Reflectorless Total Stations feature enhanced environmental durability, increased measurement speed and expanded functionality.
It offers an expanded operating temperature range with newly added high-temperature models. The low-temperature models are also available and a built-in temperature sensor allows all models to maintain ...

Digital Theodolite For Testing Lab for Surveying Testing Lab


Digital Theodolite for Surveying Testing - Digital theodolite is a modern engineering instrument for measuring both horizontal and vertical angles, It is a key tool in surveying and engineering work. The theodolite consists of a telescope movable within two perpendicular axes- the horizontal axis, and the vertical axis. When the telescope is pointed at a desired object, the angle of each of ...