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Laboratory Heating Instruments

Lab Heating Instruments
Laboratory Equipment - Laboratory Heating Instruments such as Autoclave, Blender, Centrifuge, Chillers and Coolers, Colorimeter, Compressor, Dry Block Heaters, Electronic Balances, Furnace, Heating Mantle, Homogenizer, Hot Plate, Hot Plate Stirrer, Incubator, Magnetic Stir Bar, Oven, Pump, Refrigerator, Freezer, Shaker, Rotary Evaporators, Lab Shaker, Mixer, Rocker, Spectrophotometers, Stirrer, Thermal Cycler, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Water Bath and Still

Water Still


Water Still - Water Still.
Features :
1.      Abundant Output.
The still provides, 4 Litres/hr. Of distilled water produced through a
power input of 3 KW by a Chromium Plated heater housed in a horizontal
Borosilicate        Glass Boiler (Pyrex Brand Borosilicate ...

Oil, Grease & Petroleum Testing Instruments


We are manufacturers of Oil Testing Instruments, Grease Testing Instruments, Petroleum Testing Instruments. Our Oil Testing product range includes:
Penetrometer Apparatus
Saybolt Viscometer
Flash Point Closed - Pensky Martens Apparatus
Flash Point Cleveland
Cloud And Pour Point Apparatus
Drop Point Apparatus
Engler Viscometer Apparatus
Tar Viscometer
Multiple Redwood Viscometer ...