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Pneumatic Trainer - Basic Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Pneumatic Trainer - Basic

Product Code: NE-CNC-LAT49

Details for Pneumatic Trainer - Basic

Pneumatic Trainer - Basic.

Pneumatic Trainer - Basic.
CAD-CAM laboratory will help students to build their own skill set and confidence.

In the current era, when China is considered as the best manufacturing hub in the world, we are proud to have supplied

We are also leading manufacturers of Hydraulic – Pneumatic Trainers. We have more than 400 Trainers working efficiently in top educational institutes all over India. We also supply PLC trainer kits for educational purpose.

Features of Pneumatic Trainer:
  • Self combined mobile unit.
  • All the components are easily accessible.
  • Real life components of reputed manufacturers provided.
  • Quick connections possible due to special fittings/pipes.
  • Tried and tested components and circuits.
  • PLC with MODBUS communication.
  • PLC with software with help file
  • Specially designed control panel enabling students to develop their own circuits
  • Modular design with facilities to operate simple mechanisms
  • Pneumatically operated models available as additional supply
  • Training of Trainers offered at regular intervals
  • Two years performance guarantee for any manufacturing defect
List of Experiments:
1. Operation of a Single Acting Cylinder
2. Speed Control Of Single Acting Cylinder
3. Operation of a Single Acting Cylinder with And Gate
4. Operation of Pneumatic Motor
5. Speed Control of Pneumatic Motor
6. Operation of D/A Cylinder with 5/3 Way Lever Operated DC Valve
7. Speed Control of Double Acting Cylinder with Flow Control (Meter In)
8. Speed Control of Double Acting Cylinder with Flow Control (Meter Out)
9. Speed Control of Double Acting Cylinder with Flow Control in Forward & Return Stroke
10. Sequencing of Pneumatic Motor & Double Acting Cylinder
11. Sequencing of Double Acting Cylinder with Single Acting Cylinder
12. Operation of Single Acting Cylinder with 5/2 Way Single Solenoid
13. Operation of Double Acting Cylinder with 5/2 Way Single Solenoid

List Of Components:
1. Trolley with frame & caster wheels
2. Quick Push Pull connector
3. Plastic Tubing (PU6)
4. 3/2 way Direction Control valve
5. 5/3 way Direction Control valve with Hand Lever
6. Two Way Valve (AND Gate)
7. Flow Control valve
8. Single acting cylinder
9. 5/2 way Single Solenoid
10. FRL Unit (Filter Regulator & Lubricator)
11. Starter valve
12. Mounting Plates
13. T Block
14. Isolator Block
15. Pneumatic Motor
16. Double acting cylinder

We are leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of Pneumatic Trainer - Basic. Contact us to get high quality designed Pneumatic Trainer - Basic for schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories and various industries. We accept bulk orders for government tenders in all countries around the globe.

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