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Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter

Product Code: NAAY-M12

Details for Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter

Auto KARL FISCHER Titrimeter - It is an automatic apparatus designed to carry out KARL FISCHER Titrations for accurate determination of moisture content in various samples. The instrument comprises of two units i.e. CONTROL UNIT & TITRATION UNIT. The CONTROL UNIT controls the complete automatic titration. On pressing the START button, the titration starts and the KF reagent is added automatically from the burette, through a solenoid valve into the titration vessel. As soon as the end point is reached, the titration is stopped automatically by the Control Unit. It has fully solid state circuitry incorporating advanced IC technology. Titration unit contains the magnestic stirring mechanism and the solenoid value assembly. The cabinet is designed to serve as a strudy titration stand. Karl Fischer method for determination of moisture content is used in pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing industries, food stuff, sugar, wood, paper & textile industries, petroleum refineries, chemical and fertilizer units. FEATURES : Auto titration control Separate control & titration units Auto zero burette Adjustable Timer Visual & Audible alarm.

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