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Kinematic Viscosity Bath Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Product Code: NAAY-M53

Details for Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Kinematic Viscosity Bath - Used for determination of Kinematic and intrinsic viscosity of fuels, lubricants & petrochem raw materials at constant temperatures in accordance with ASTM D 445 and other equivalent methods. Available in two versions, to work at above ambient temperature and below ambient temperature. Double walled, outer chamber made of G.I. - powder coated, with removable toughened Glass window panel, inner chamber made of S. S, FHP motorised stirrer for uniform temperature, Dual Display Microprocessor Based Digital Temp. Controller with PT-100 sensor. Temperature range from 5° C above ambient to 100° C., Control accuracy ± 0.1°C. Below ambient Viscosity Baths are fitted with Refrigeration system (Temperature Range : 10°C to 100°C). The Baths can accommodate 2 / 4 / 8 Viscometers with varying tank volumes. Stainless steel bath Temperature controller (Thermostatic/Digital) Immersion electric heater Constant speed Pump cum stirrer Carriage holding up to three standard briquette moulds Electric motor with gear mechanism Stainless steel scale and pointer Control Panel The viscometer is made of clear borosilicate glass free from visible defects. All glass tubing used in the construction of a single viscometer is of the same composition and the finished instrument is thoroughly annealed. The design and details of the viscometer are given at side. The size, approximate constant and Kinematic Viscosity is as per table. For opaque and transparent liquids : detailed drawings of the reverse flow ‘Cannon-Fenske’ viscometer is given in the figure. The size, approximate constant and kinematic viscosity range, is given in the table..

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