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Lee's Disc Setup for Physics Electric Labs Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Lee's Disc Setup for Physics Electric Labs

Product Code: BSC-TR-48

Details for Lee's Disc Setup for Physics Electric Labs

Lee's Disc Setup - Digital Temperature Sensors. Electric Oven for heating. Microcontroller based Measurement unit. Lee's Disc Setup is designed to determine the Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity of bad conductors like glass, cardboard, wood, etc. The setup consists of electric oven with container, Lee`s Disc, heat chamber, different types of samples and an attractive microcontroller based measurement unit. This unit consist of a digital timer and temperature sensors with resolution of 0.5 C. The Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity, sometimes called the K-factor, is expressed as the quantity of heat that passes through a unit cube of the substance in unit time when the difference in temperature of two faces is 1 C
Microcontroller based Measurement unit
Digital Temperature Sensors
Electric Oven for heating
Provided with variety of samples
Complete setup and easy operation
Learning material CD.

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