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McPherson Strut Tyep Suspension Trainerfor engineering schools

Product Supply Code: AUTO-EN002

Details for McPherson Strut Tyep Suspension Trainerfor engineering schools

McPherson Strut Type Suspension Trainer , technical teaching equipment for engineering
This is currently, without doubt, the most widely used front suspension system in cars of European origin. It is simplicity itself. The system basically comprises of a strut-type spring and shock absorber combo, which pivots on a ball joint on the single, lower arm. At the top end there is a needle roller bearing on some more sophisticated systems. The strut itself is the load-bearing member in this assembly, with the spring and shock absorber merely performing their duty as oppose to actually holding the car up. The steering gear is either connected directly to the lower shock absorber housing, or to an arm from the front or back of the spindle (in this case). When you steer, it physically twists the strut and shock absorber housing (and consequently the spring) to turn the wheel.