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Single Plate Diaphragm Spring Clutch Trainerfor engineering schools

Product Supply Code: AUTO-EN029

Details for Single Plate Diaphragm Spring Clutch Trainerfor engineering schools

 Single Plate Diaphragm Spring Clutch  Trainer, technical teaching equipment for engineering

The diaphragm spring (Fig. 24.5A) is a steel disc having a hole at the centre, and the inner portion of the disc is radially slotted so that a number of actuating (release-lever) fingers are formed. The outer ends of the slots are provided with enlarged blunting holes, which distribute the concentrated stresses created during deflection of the fingers, and also provide a means of locating the shouldered rivets, which restrain the fulcrum rings.
The diaphragm spring is placed between the pressure-plate and the cover pressing (Figs. 24.6A and B). The outer edge of the dished spring bears against the pressure-plate, and two round-sectioned wire rings are positioned from a short distance from its outer edge, one on each side of the dished spring. These two rings are located as well as held in position by shouldered rivets and these rivets in turn are supported by the cover pressing (Fig. 24.7).
During fastening of the cover-pressing to the flywheel, the dished spring is slightly flattened, which loads the pressure-plate against the driven friction discs, the spring reaction being taken
through the outer ring to the cover-pressing. The inner ring acts as a pivot point for all the individual release-lever fingers and are located near the periphery of the diaphragm spring to increase the leverage..