Spectrometer Student for Physics Lab

Spectrometer Student for Physics Lab

Product Code: PLIT-0083

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Spectrometer Student Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter for Physics Lab - The base, integral with the collimator tube support, carries the swinging telescope arm pivoted on a bearing with spring loaded end thrust plates. This type of bearing eliminates any slack which would otherwise develop with wear.

The collimator & telescope tubes are one piece precision casting in light alloy, concealed helical action focusing devices are provided. The collimator slit with spring loaded jaws is of a new & robust design which ensures retention of the initial accuracy. The graduated prism table support, 180 mm diameter, is divided in degrees; the vernier, reading to 0.1, is fixed to the telescope arm. This arrangement permits easy estimation to 0.05 from the conveniently positioned vernier scale. The fully adjustable prism table 75 mm diameter is engraved with concentric rings, which facilitates correct location of a prism & has two screwed holes for the attachment of the prism & grating holder, to accommodate a prism upto 25 mm high. Large diameter clamping knob are fitted for movement control & fine adjustment is provided for the telescope. All bright parts are chromium plated with the base & tube in synthetic hammer finish. Overall dimensions 510 x 230 x 220 mm without prism.

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