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Universal IC Tester with Membrane ASCII Keypad for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Product Supply Code: NPLT-EC031

Details for Universal IC Tester with Membrane ASCII Keypad for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Equipment for Education, Engineering and Vocational Training - FEATURES Universal IC Tester with Membrane ASCII Keypadis a Table-Top version, designed as a powerful tool for manufacturers, servicing engineers, R&D personnels to test a wide range of IC's of Digital,Analog, CPU & RAMs. Tests Digital and Analog ICs from 3 to 40 Pins. Built in self-diagnostic functions to ensure error free testing of IC. 16 character x 2 line backlit LCD display and sealed Membrane type Alpha Numeric keyboard Automatic testing of variety of ICs. 2 nos. of potential free 40 pin ZIF sockets for testing analog and digital ICs. Single step mode enables the user to test the IC step by step. Audio alarm to user whenever it is required. IC PACK : Digital ICs up to 40 pins and analog ICs up to 20 pins in DIP package. IC TYPE : Tristate, open collector & bidirectional TTL/CMOS digital ICs also analog ICs as per list. TEST BY : Truth table comparison for digital ICs. Functional test of output for various input conditions for analog ICs. ZIF : Two 40 pin DIP ZIFs for analog and digital ICs. KEY : Membrane type Alpha Numeric 50 Keys Keyboard. DISPLAY : 16 character x 2 line backlit LCD SUPPLY VOLTAGE : 180V to 270, 50Hz single phase. RANGE OF ICs THAT CAN BE TESTED : DIGITAL : TTL, CMOS ICs including SSI, MSI, LSI, Functions including Gates, Buffers, Drivers, Flip-flops Counters, Shift registers, Latches, Multiplexers, Parity generators, Analog switches, CPUs, Microcontrollers, Peripherals, Static RAMs, Non volatile rams, Serial EPROMs etc. LINEAR : Transistor Arrays, Timers, Analog switches, Optocouplers, Display drivers, Line drivers, and Latch drivers, 7 segment display, LCD display, from 16 character by 1 row Upto 40 characters by 2 rows, Real time clocks, Analog to Digital converters upto 16 bit resolution and upto 40 pin Devices. Digital to Analog converters. Op-Amp’s (8 Pin 14 Pin, 16 pin). Comparators (8 pin, 14 pin, 16 pin) Op-Amp and Comparators (combined) Voltage followers (8 pin, 14 pin) Voltage regulators (Both +ve and –ve), DPM ICs, DOT / BAR display drivers, PLLs, VCOs. Waveform Generator, Sample & Holds, PWM Generators..