Worchester Electromagnetic Kit for Physics Lab

Worchester Electromagnetic Kit for Physics Lab

Product Code: PMAG-0032

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Worchester Electromagnetic Kit for Physics Lab This kit is most versatile as it enable students to perform a wide range of experiments in electromagnetism such as construction of working motors and meters. It comprises eight anisotropic alloy magnets, eight anisotropic ceramic ferrite magnets, four steel magnet yokes, six plotting compasses, four hard board formers for compasses, one bottle iron fillings, four iron filling dispensers, four each double C-cores, clips for C-cores, aluminium rings, split aluminium rings, four each support bases, armature with axle tubes, aluminium axle rods, eight split pins, 16 rivets, one length latex rubber tubing, four each formers for coils, reels cellulose tape, reels copper wire, four each sheets white pasteboard, plain postcard, reels white cotton, four each C-resistors 100 ohm, 10 ohm, ten flash lamp bulbs, four neon bulbs, eight (MES) bulb holders, wood clamp, wood block.

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