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Digital Touch Whiteboard for Whiteboard Lab

Digital Touch Whiteboard for Whiteboard Lab

Product Supply Code: BOARDS0016

Details for Digital Touch Whiteboard for Whiteboard Lab

Finger touch whiteboard based on advanced infra-red (IR) technology. When user writes on the whiteboard surface, the finger or dummy pen senses the infrared light. Software then utilizes this information to determine the location of the finger or dummy pen. This finger touch whiteboard don’t need dry-erase marker or multimedia pen (stylus).These presentation boards are used in sphere of teaching, training and presentations.

Finger Touch Power Board is a robust and durable finger touch whiteboard comprising infra-red (IR) technology. This Interactive whiteboards can be operated using finger or dummy pen. Board software has lots of tools and vast image library for teachers, presenters and trainers. You can write, erase and save notes in the computer. These are superb and incredible interactive whiteboards for teaching. When these presentation boards are integrated with Vision visualiser, you can do real time annotations on the object..