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DSP Trainers Board for DSP Teaching Labs Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

DSP Trainers Board for DSP Teaching Labs

Product Code: DSP-TR-04

Details for DSP Trainers Board for DSP Teaching Labs

DSP Trainers Board - DSP, or Digital Signal Processing, as the term suggests, is the processing of signals by digital means. Digital Signal Processors and Controllers are the main engines of embedded development world and signal processing. DSP Processors and Controllers are very fast in manipulation of complex mathematical function due to its MAC unit. DSP is widely using in audio processing, speech processing, digital image processing ,video processing, control systems, signal processing for communications, biomedical signal processing and seismic data processing, etc.  DSP Trainer Dx is a solution for establishing DSP based lab primarily for Control System and Embedded applications. It is equipped with complete set of hardware and software to perform experiments for Control Systems and Embedded Systems. Lab includes controlling parameters of different Motors, interfaces with different kind of LCD, LED interfacing, Relay interfacing, interfacing with different Sensors. Programs are written in C language..

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