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Human Torso, Dual Sex with Open Back 27-Part for Biology Lab

Human Torso, Dual Sex with Open Back 27-Part for Biology Lab

Product Supply Code: BHAM-0010

Details for Human Torso, Dual Sex with Open Back 27-Part for Biology Lab

This sexless, life-size torso on base is accurate in all of its detailing. Anatomical structures of the major body systems are numbered an identified on the accompany key. The head is sectioned to expose one half of the brain. The neck is dissected through the ventral surface to show muscular, neural, vascular, and glandular structures. The thorax and abdomen are completely open, for an unrestricted view of the internal organs and associated structures. The back is dissected, revealing the muscular layers, vertebral column, spinal cord, and nerve branches. One thoracic vertebra is removable for detailed examination of this structure and associations with the spinal cord.

The following parts can be removed and studied
· Half of the brain, divided along the longitudinal fissure, showing internal structures and blood vessels
· Right and left lungs showing the bronchial tree and vasculature
· Descending thoracic aorta and esophagus
· 2-part heart showing the atria, ventricles, cardiac valves, and the section through the ventricular heart wall
· Liver with gallbladder
· Small and large intestine with removable cover over portion of caecum
· The 12th thoracic vertebrae with spinal cord
· Eye with optic nerve and extraocular muscles
· Pancreas, duodenum, and spleen with vessels and ducts
· Half of one kidney, sectioned along the frontal plane to show the internal structure and vessels
· Kidney, urethra, and urinary bladder with prostate (removable in two parts)
· Stomach, showing muscular and vascular structures, dissected in two parts
· Male and female urogenital systems (four parts each) sectioned to provide excellent views of internal structures