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Hydraulic Trainer Electrohydraulic

Hydraulic Trainer Electrohydraulic

Product Supply Code: TEL0009

Details for Hydraulic Trainer Electrohydraulic

Hydraulic Trainer Electrohydraulic.

Silent Features
software for simulation of Hydraulic circuits.
  • We are manufacturing cylinders for industrial applications. Our cylinders can withstand pressure up to 160 Bar.
  • Mobile and self-contained unit, only electrical connections are required.
  • Simplicity of operation and designed for amateur use.
  • Two pressure relief valves are provided in the system. One is provided inside the tank to increase the safety.
  • Hoses can withstand pressure of 188 Bar.
  • Test Pressure : 80 Bar ; Operating Pressure : 40 Bar.
  • Realistic Industrial circuits are demonstrated.
  • Special Bell housing is provided to maintain the Run out between Pump and Motor below 0.020mm.
  • Special fixtures used for pipe bending and ferrule fitting arrangement.
  • Specially designed front mounting plate.
  • System is flushed with very high velocity (4 times the working pressure) by separate oil which maintains class A cleanliness of system.
  • Lowest pressure drop in the system to avoid overheating.
  • Cylinder are manufactured from precision honed tubes, hardened ground, hard chrome plated piston rods and imported quality seals, Civil Engineering  Laboratory  Equipments Suppliers, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Equipments Suppliers
    , Engineering Teaching Aids, Models Equipments Theory of Machine Lab  Suppliers, Hydraulics Laboratory Equipment and Apparatus