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Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor

Product Code: ChemicalREA-10010

Details for Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor

Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor.

Plug flow reactor is characterized by the fact that the flow of fluid through the reactor is orderly no element of fluid overtaking or mixing with any other element ahead or behind.

To calculate the reaction rate constant k for given reaction in Isothermal Plug flow reactor
To study of Isothermal Plug flows reactor.

Experimental Setup:-
Reactor: Material Stainless steel (SS).
Flow Measurement: 2 No. Pre-calibrated Rotameter
Feed Circulation: By Compressed Air
Pressure Regulator : 0-2 kg / cm2
Feed Tank: 2 No. of stainless steel feed tank
Pressure Gauge : Bourdon type 0 – 2 kgf / cm2
Stopwatch: Electronic
Piping: SS, PVC
Product receiver: 1 No. SS tank
Setup Mounting: On sturdy MS stand with powder coated
Water Bath: Material SS, Double Wall, Insulated with glass Wool
Heater: Nichrome wire heater
Digital Temp Indicator : 0 - 200 0 C, Indicator cum Controller
Temp Sensor : CR /AL Type.

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