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Mortuary Chamber Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Mortuary Chamber

Product Code: NLBY-E1

Details for Mortuary Chamber

Mortuary Chamber - From 1 body to 10 bodies or more, we design and develop mortuary cabinets as per matched requirements of our customers. Mortuary chambers and freezers, mortuary cabinets are highly hygienic and provide easy and environment free operation. These are also customized as per individual requirements. Mortuary Chambers and Cabinets - High quality mortuary cooler units, Mortuary Chamber, Cabinet models are available in single or multi door format. Mortuary Cold Cabinets or Mortuary Refrigerators are highly functional and offer an experience based on innovative solutions, while also setting standards in quality and safety. Morgue Fridge / Mortuary Refrigerator with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 bodies to 16 bodies or as required. Our existing morgue freezer models can also be customized on demand. Mortuary Chamber Features: - Cabinet or walk-in type mortuary cold room - Modular construction with galvanized steel - Wall, roof or remote cooling systems available - R134a or R404 refrigerants - Fully automatic systems w/ auto defrost - High Density Polyurethane Insulation - Available in single or multi door format - Molded lockable door catch with internal release - Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001 - Flexible to shift anywhere - Energy Efficient Units - Efficient Internal lighting - Vapor proof incandescent lamp - Removable Racks - Easy to maintain and clean - Extended choice of control options - ISO and CE marked - Corrosion free exterior - Digital temperature indication - Micro processor based temperature control - Audio visual alarm for high and low temperature We provide re-assembled and custom built mortuary cabinets and walk-in mortuary chambers matching to required specifications. All these mortuary cabinet units deliver reliable performance and hygienic solution for dead body storage. Each mortuary cabinet model equipped with temperature control system with a high contrast digital display for accurate temperature control and recording. Temperature Range and Control Mortuary cabinets are available with temperature range of 2°C to 8°C and -10°C to -20°C. However mortuary cabinet can also be made with specific temperature range as required by the customer. For accurate measurement and display of temperature a LED or LCD display is used. These units are equipped with microprocessor based digital control panel which is operated with push buttons. For security and safe working high and low temperature alarm system is used. Refrigeration System Mortuary cabinets are equipped with full functional cold storage facility. Refrigeration system is energy efficient, environment friendly, completely airtight and can be roof top or wall mounted. This refrigeration system can also be installed as remote equipment where noise or heat can be a nuisance. The evaporator is equipped with automatic electric defrosting. Featuring noise less compressor and air cooled condenser (water cooled condenser on demand) this cooling system provides full value of money. Construction Mortuary chambers are of double walled construction and made of 304 grades corrosion resistant stainless steel. For insulation high pressure-injected polyurethane is used for minimizing thermal loss and meeting the particular requirements of refrigeration in mortuaries. Doors Doors are made of painted stainless steel and fitted with external lock for security. These doors are situated in front and allows easy loading of trolleys. These doors feature lining in odorless rubber gasket and anti-condensation resistors. Internal Lighting Lighting system comes with waterproof fluorescent ceiling lamps which are fitted with a switch on the control panel. Accessories Mortuary Fridge / Mortuary Cold Cabinets are supplied with a number of optional accessories to provide easy accessibility of machines. These accessories are: Caters, Stabilizer, Loading Trolley, Instrument Trolley, Data Logger and Temperature Chart Recorder etc. If you need Authorization Certificate it will also be provided on request. Models - Number of Bodies: 1 Body, 2 Bodies, 3 Bodies, 4 Bodies, 6 Bodies Mortuary Chamber Specifications: Temperature Range: 2°C to 8°C / -10°C to -20°C Temperature Control: Digital Micro-processor Temperature Display: LED / LCD Display Construction: G.I Sheet / M.S / 304 Stainless Steel Insulation: High Grade Poly Uretherane Doors: Made of Steel Sheets w/ Magnetic Gasket & External Lock Trolleys: Made of Steel and sliding on telescopic rails Compressor: ISI Marked & CFC Free Defrosting Type: Automatic Evaporator: Internal evaporator system Forced draught Internal drainage: Yes Integral temp gauge: Yes Refrigeration System: Air cooled Hermetically sealed Air Circulation: Forced Air Circulation Alarm: High / Low alarm system Internal Lighting: Waterproof fluorescent ceiling lamps Locking System: Standard Key Locks Power Supply : 220 Volts / 50 Hz Essentials: User & Technical Manual, Optional Accessories: Caters, Stabilizer, Loading Trolley, Instrument Trolley, Data Logger,Temperature Chart Recorder, Authorization Certificate High quality Mortuary Equipment for post mortem stations, hospitals and Tender Supplies. Mortuary cabinet, mortuary chamber systems, walk in mortuary cabinets manufacturers, exporters and suppliers from India and engaged in designing and producing highly reliable mortuary cold cabinets for various supplies exported to Asian, African and Middle East Countries at economical price and excellent warranty. Mortuary cabinets with reliability, we cater needs of hospitals, health institutions, post mortem stations, universities and medical centers, army and police units & Tender Supply. All mortuary chambers and cabinets are custom built and made to order to match the specific requirements of the customer. We would like you to contact us with your specific size, number of bodies and accessories you need with your mortuary cabinet. To enable us contacting you with suitable mortuary cabinet price, cost, quotation and warranty you are welcome to send us precise email mentioning all the important queries you need from us. We will appreciate your queries for mortuary cabinet and glad to respond you promptly..

We are leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of Mortuary Chamber. Contact us to get high quality designed Mortuary Chamber for schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories and various industries. We accept bulk orders for government tenders in all countries around the globe.

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