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Oil system model

Oil system model

Product Supply Code: NJC0089

Details for Oil system model

Oil system model.
Oil lubrication system is used to circulate oil continuously to various moving parts and heavily loaded bearings of any machinery. Oil lubrication system  are used in almost every industry to provide preventative maintenance of lubrication systems, by providing an automatic supply of lubrication to machine bearings and other devices needing lubrication. The Lubrication Learning System teaches students the technical skills needed to operate, install, tune, maintain and troubleshoot these vital lubrication systems.
    Heavy Duty Industrial Style Components
    Steel Tubing Conductors
    Fault Insertion in fluid and electrical devices
    Mobile Workstation
    Interchangeable Component Panels
    Student Reference Guide

Includes a series-progressive valve panel, fluid recovery panel, servicing package with hand pump, student learning materials for both theory and lab, and teacher’s guide. Additional panels are available to extend the capability of the system.