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Stealing model Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Product Code: NJC0071

Details for Stealing model

Stealing model.
Universal Car Engine Immobilizer Lock Anti robbery system Anti-stealing Alarm System
An immobilizer that protects your automobile from being stolen when your car is parked, or when you are forcefully removed from your vehicle.
Permits your vehicle to be safe even while you are away from your car. You can elect, upon installation, automatic vehicle shutoff at 1.5 minutes, or 3 minutes after exiting your vehicle.
An electronic system that recognizes the owner of the vehicle with a UNIQUE ability to protect against intrusion by not allowing the engine to be turned on.
An additional function is the PROGRESSIVE CUT (2) which assures that your vehicle cannot be started with a simple wire bridge.
You will be able to select, during installation, from 1.5 minutes FIRST STAGE or 3 minutes SECOND STAGE for the activation of alarm system, as well as, the ability to program up to 2 transmitters for each system.

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