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Vernier Photogate Sensor Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Vernier Photogate Sensor

Product Code: DataNAS-10005

Details for Vernier Photogate Sensor

Vernier Photogate Sensor.

Vernier Photogate Sensor allows for extremely accurate timing of events within physics experiments, for studying free fall, air track collisions, pendulum periods, the speed of a rolling object, among other things. 
The Vernier Photogate includes an accessory rod for mounting to a ring stand.
The laser may be some distance from the gate so that you can measure the speed of larger objects such as a rocket, model car.
The laser gate mode requires the addition of a common pen laser, which is directed into the laser port. 
The Vernier Photogate can be daisy chained so up to four photogates can be connected to a single channel, connecting the last one directly to the interface.

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