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Wind Tunnel for engineering schools Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Product Code: FCA001

Details for Wind Tunnel for engineering schools

Wind Tunnel, technical teaching equipment for engineering

“WIND TUNNEL” has been developed to perform various experiments of aerodynamics and fluid flow. This is a open circuit Wind Tunnel provides a region of controlled air flow into which models can be fitted at downstream of working section. The Tunnel consists of bell mouth shaped entry to guide the air smoothly into settling chamber and stabilizes the air flow this follows working section for test section where various models can be tested. Test section with acrylic sheet, will be provided for visual observation. Working section is followed by diffuser section which reduces the dynamic pressure at the exit. A fan coupled with motor is used to produce desired wind velocity.


  • To plot speed curve for wind tunnel.
  • T study pressure distribution around (A) aerofoil (B) Cylinder (C) Sphere.
  • To measure lift and drag on aerofoil model.
  • To study the development of boundary layer along a plate in Tunnel.

Utilities Required :

  • Electricity Supply : 3Phase, 440V AC, 3 KW
  • Floor Area 10 x 3.5 m
Technical Details :
  • Variable Speed Model : 3HP Crompton make motor with Speed Controller
  • Fixed Speed Model : 3HP Crompton make motor
  • Type : Open Type Wind Tunnel.
  • Test Section : 250 x 250 x 1000 mm.
  • Blower : Compatible Capacity
  • Air Velocity : Maximum 30 m/s (in Test Section).
  • Digital Force Indicator : For Lift and Drag force
  • Multiple Manometer : 0-40 inclination with vertical axis.
  • U Tube Manometer : Length 500 mm.
  • Inclined manometer : 300 mm
  • Pitot Static Tube : For Velocity Measurement
Wind Tunnel

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