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Cavitation Apparatus for engineering schools

Cavitation Apparatus for engineering schools

Product Supply Code: Fluid Mechanics009

Details for Cavitation Apparatus for engineering schools

Cavitation Apparatus for engineering schools.
Cavitation Apparatus, technical teaching equipment for engineering 

Cavitation apparatus

Description :the apparatus has been designed to demonstrate the phenomena of cavitation. The present set-up consists of a test section made of acrylic having conversion and diversion section. Pressure tapings at appropriate position are provided. This test section is having one control valve at upstream side to regulate the water flow rate. Two pressure gauges are connected to these taping which give the pressure readout at the time of flow passing through this test section.

The unit is self-contained close circuit type with sump tank, measuring tank and centrifugal pump. Flow through test section can be regulated with the help provided by-pass and control valve.


  • To observe the phenomena of cavitation.
  • To compare the theoretical and actual pressures at cavitation condition.

Utilities required :

  • Water supply : initial fill.
  • Floor drain required.
  • Floor area required : 1. 5 m x 1 m.

Technical details :

  • Test section : material acrylic
  • Pressure gauge : 0-4 kg/cm2
  • Vacuum gauge : 0-760 mmhg
  • Water circulation : by pump crompton make.
  • Flow measurement : measuring tank (capacity : 40 liters) &
  • Electronic stop watch
  • Sump tank : capacity : 60 liters
  • Control panel comprises of : standard make on/off switch, mains indicator, etc.
  • Instruction manual : an english instruction manual will be
  • Provided along with the apparatus
  • Tanks will be made of stainless steel.
  • The whole set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality painted structure