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Doppler Radar Training System for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Doppler Radar Training System for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Product Code: RADAR-002-B

Details for Doppler Radar Training System for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Doppler Radar Training System Equipment for Education, Engineering and Vocational Training - - Doppler Radar Training System, Radar Training System - Digital Radar Training System has been designed with simulated experiments on hardware interfaced with software on PC. Experimenting with the trainer include different types of fixed and moving objects, object counters, analysis of signals on CRO or Windows based software, test points etc.

Doppler Radar Training System Features:


Demonstrates the principle of Doppler shift of reflected electro magnetic wave from a moving object
Speed, rotation, event counting, level control, contact less vibration measurement
Observation and measurements with software
Microwave X band operation
High gain Parabolic antenna provided for narrow beamwidth and clutter reduction.
PC based oscilloscope provided
FFT with cursor measurement

Technical Specifications
Microwave Transceiver:

Type : MMIC tranciever with parabolic dish antenna.
Antenna Size : 25cm dia with f/d 0.25
Frequency : 10.3 GHz DRO stabilized
Output Level : 0 dBm typical
Sensitivity : -70dBm typical
Output : PC Compatible
Power Supply : 100-240V, 47-63 Hz


Display : Responsive real-time up to 50 fps refresh
Mode : Single trace, dual trace, and XY (Lissajous)
Bandwidth : 10 Hz - 20 kHz, AC coupling
Timebase : 10 us - 5 s
ADC : 8-bit and 16-bit acquisition
Sampling : 11 kHz to 44 kHz rate
FFT : amplitude and/or phase System
PC required : 300 MHz or faster PC, 64MB RAM, 1MB of disk space, Windows XP, sound card,(Not supplied)
Data export : Raw data export as WAV file
Screenshot : Saved in BMP and EMF formats
Visible trace : can be saved as text file
Function : Copy-paste for screenshots or data Files - Printing,
Triggering : Adjustable trigger level, slope, and delay
Pretrigger : View - Single shot triggering mode
Measure : On screen - Two cursors set by left and right click - Voltage and time difference readout - Direct frequency readout
Accessories : Tuning Fork, Buzzer, Turbine Fan, Pendulum

Moving Target Emulator & Radar jammer:

Range : 0 to 1000km/hr
Random Noise Jammer

E-Manual: Installation Video for ease of Learning

Dimensions: 56X41X18 cms. Weight: 6 kg.
List of experiments:

To investigate the fundamental concepts of Doppler radar.
To setup radar and tune it for best performance.
To measure speed of a fan.
To detect the presence of a hidden Time Bomb with the help of a Doppler radar.
To find out the Time period and frequency of a moving Pendulum for different lengths.
To actuate the opening of a door, Traffic signal, Intrusion alarm etc. with the help of a radar.
To measure the units of items being produced in an assembly line production unit.
To determine the presence of moving plasma from one electrode to other in a Tube light.
To detect the presence of transformer hum and find its frequency.
To measure the variable speeds of moving objects using Velocity simulator.
Calibration of Doppler radar using tuning fork.
To study the reflective, absorptive and transmissive properties of materials using radar and velocity simulator.
To find the speed of a moving object with Doppler radar from different angles.
To find the speed of a moving object approaching or receding away from radar from different-different angles
To estimate the size of a moving objects using Radar
To measure the distance traveled using Radar.
To find out the presence of a Pedestrian and manage Traffic till he walks away.
To find out the presence of an aero plane with the rotation of the turbine of its engine as used by Air Force.
To study the use of radar in detecting respiration and heart beating.
Study of climatic conditions of atmosphere cyclones, Clouds, tornado using a Doppler radar..

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