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Radar Training System for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Radar Training System for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Product Code: RADAR-001-A

Details for Radar Training System for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Equipment for Education, Engineering and Vocational Training - Radar Training System - The Advanced Digital Radar Training System has been designed with simulated experiments on hardware interfaced with software on PC. Experimenting with the trainer include different types of fixed and moving objects, object counters, analysis of signals on CRO or Windows based software, test points etc.

The Advanced Digital Radar Training System software captures, analyze, and print real time signal and store/save them. Different parameters like RPM, Velocity, Amplitude and Doppler Frequency can be measured using the software.
It has been designed using the state of the art technology for testing of radar cross section of actual reduced scale targets.
The system includes a low RCS target support to achieve precise measurements when used in radar absorption range. This is a truly unique system that places real-time, safe, and unclassified EW demonstrations into the hands of students. It includes a jamming pod that is a target that can perform direct or modulated noise jamming. The jamming pod are designed for use with radar to implement real EW situations.
Microwave Transceiver
Type : MMIC tranciever with parabolic dish antenna.
Antenna Size : 30cm dia with f/d 0.3
Frequency : 10.5 GHz DRO stabilized
Output Level : 0 dBm typical
Sensitivity : -70dBm typical
Output : PC Compatible


Speed Display : Display in km/hr, miles/hr, m/s, rpm, event, KHz
Frequency set : gate time selectable from 10 ms to 1000ms and frequency threshold selectable from 1mV to 1000mV


Oscilloscope : Real time with digital storage
Display setting : Both X and Y position adjustable
Volts/div : Adjustable
Time Base : Adjustable
Trigger : Auto

Fast Fourier transform

FFT : Real time Simultaneous speed and frequency display with cursor measurement
Scanwidth : Selectable in steps
Activity Log : User defined Start and Stop Event
Display : Peak to peak voltage display
Annunciation : audio & visual
Alarm : Adjustable threshold with
Event counting : With reset to zero
Speed Factor : User settable Hz/(Km/hr)
Counter : In built frequency counter in GUI
Audio in/out : Volume settings; alarm On/Off Settings
Accessories : Tuning Fork, Buzzer, Turbine Fan, Pendulum, Reflector Panel

Moving Target Emulator

Range : 0 to 1000km/hr

Random Noise Jammer

Stealth accessory : RAM Cones, Sheets, Paints
Scale models : F117 stealth fighter, B2 Bomber
Reference targets : Corner reflector, Flat plate, Sphere - Metallic


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