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High Current Sensor Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

High Current Sensor

Product Code: DataNAS-10013

Details for High Current Sensor

High Current Sensor.

The High Current Sensor has a range of ±10 A. 
A metal shield over the Hall Effect chip reduces the influence of external magnets. 
Uses the magnetic field created by the current.
A replaceable fuse protects the equipment and circuit.
Current is measured with a Hall Effect sensor.

Supply voltage 5 VDC
Typical Resolution: 4.9 mA
High Current Sensor range ±10 A
Maximum voltage input ±40 V
Output voltage range 0 – 5 V
Replaceable fuse 10 A
Current in amperes:-
Intercept-11.31 A
Slope 4.51 A/V

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