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Human Physiology Charts for Educational Lab

Product Supply Code: CHARTS-EDU-002

Details for Human Physiology Charts for Educational Lab

Human Physiology Charts (Size 75 X 100 Cms):

The Lymphatic System in Human    
Excretory System in Human -Kidney, L.S.
Excretory System in Human -Ureters
Excretory System in Human -Urinary bladder
Excretory System in Human -Malpighian Corpuscle
T.S. in Human Skin
Reproductive System in Human
Human Brain External Features
L.S. in Human eye-Eye Muscle
L.S. in Human eye-Tear glands
L.S. in Human eye-Physiological diseases of eye
Ear in Human and its parts
Skeletal System in Human
Endocrine glands of Human
Digestive System in Human
Circulatory System in Human -Types of blood cells
Circulatory System in Human -L.S. in heart & T.S. in blood vessel
Circulatory System in Human -Vein valves
Circulatory System in Human -Systematic & Pulmonary circulation in human
The Respiratory System in Human -Larynx
The Respiratory System in Human-Trachae
The Respiratory System in Human-Alveolus
Human-L.S. in Central Nervous System (CNS)
Region in which the nerval impulses transport
from to central nervous system through
 the synapse in Human
Human Reflection Arch
Muscular System
Nervous System
DNA Molecule Nervous System & Sensory Organs


Human Physiology Charts (Size 75 X 100 Cms) - Printed on non-tearable, weather proof, markable and washable. Polyart plastic sheet. Supplied loose or fitted with plastic rollers at top and bottom for hanging. Available Charts in Language (ENGLISH & ARABIC)