Oscilloscope Single Trace 10 MHz for Physics Lab

Oscilloscope Single Trace 10 MHz for Physics Lab

Product Code: PECS-0002

Tender Specification Details

Oscilloscope Single Trace 10 MHz Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter for Physics Lab - DC to 10MHz Bandwidth, 5mV/div Sensitivity, 100ms/div to 100ns/div Time Base, X-Y Operation, Auto or Normal Trigger Selection, Triggering upto 15MHz, 8 x 10 cm Display, Trace Rotation, 140mm Rectangular CRT, Internal Graticule
Space Saver

Deflection Coefficient: 5mV/div to 20V/div in 12 calibrated attenuator positions with5mV/div,  10mV/div &  20mV/div as basic ranges & 4multipliers x1, x10, x100 &x1000.
Bandwidth: DC - 10MHz (-3dB), dc coupled.10Hz - 10MHz (-3dB), accoupled.
Rise Time: 35ns or less.
Input Impedance: 1MΩ & 40pF approx.
Maximum Input Voltage: 400 Volts (dc + peak ac).
Sweep Speed: 6 Calibrated Steps 100ms/divto 1μs/div.
Accuracy: +5%.
Variable :( 10: 1 approx)Uncalibrated continuously variable control between steps, extends fastest sweep speed to100ns/div.
Trigger Mode: Automatic or Normal with Level Control.
Source: Internal or External.
Trigger Sensitivity:
Internal:     Auto 1 DIV - 50Hz to 15MHz
Normal 1 div - 10Hz to 15MHz.   
External:     Auto 1V p-p - 50Hz to 15MHz
Normal 1V p-p - 10Hz to 15MHz
Deflection Coefficient: 1V/div.
Accuracy: +5%.

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