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PIC USB Microcontroller Development Board for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

PIC USB Microcontroller Development Board for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Product Code: EBOARD0005

Details for PIC USB Microcontroller Development Board for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

PIC USB Microcontroller Development Board, LCD, keypad, USB cable Equipment for Education, Engineering and Vocational Training -  - Microcontroller development board kit. 48 Mhz, high performance multifunction system with embedded USB port, RS232 serial port, LCD 16 x 1 display, keypad (16 key), digital temperature sensor and more.

specially designed for use in a wide range of applications: as a trainer kit for learning of microcontroller systems, useful to students and teachers in technical careers or degrees in Electronics, Control, Computers, Mechatronics and Embedded Systems, or as development module in instrumentation, robotics, industrial control, communications, network monitoring and access control applications, among many others.

Module is based on the powerful high performance 18F2550 Microchip's multifunction microcontroller, with integrated USB v.2.0 port and may be programmed in ANSI C language. It has 28 pins DIL, which allows for a small card design, at a minimum cost. By means of a bootloader program, factory preloaded in its upper code memory, the system may be powered and programmed via its USB port. Power supply may be as well be fed through an external wall transformer. Everything you need -hardware and software- to develop new projects is included in the kit. Please go to our download page to get complete documentation and software for the system.

Development Software: through the MPLAB IDE software (Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP compatible), and C18 compiler developed by Microchip, you can edit, compile or simulate programs in ANSI C. The executable .hex file generated by C18 compiler is compatible with the Bolt v.1.0.2 programming software. During the development phase, board is powered through the USB cable.

Programming software: the system includes an special plug and play and easy to use programming software (Windows 8, Windows 7 (64 and 32 bits), Vista and XP compatible). You may transfer your compiled programs to FLASH memory directly through the USB port of your PC or Laptop. With this software you'll be able to program the whole 32 Kb of FLASH memory in less than 5 seconds.

USB embedded port: System has a built in USB port that may be handled like a serial port from both sides: the microcontroller and the PC. This is done thanks to Microchip's USB stack and libraries provided for the microcontroller, and the windows drivers provided for the PC. We have a complete and well documented project that describes in detail how to send and receive USB data using simple ANSI C serial port likewise functions.

Projects and test programs: we provide more than 18 projects, dozens of ANSI C and assembly language test programs, all developed using MPLAB IDE and C18 compiler. The projects are well documented, with complete block diagram, electronic diagrams and videos. Some examples are: an RFID detection system, a Bluetooth interface, and a 7x10 led matrix display.

Application PC software available: several of the mentioned projects use an special windows PC software developed in Visual Basic, Visual C++, or C Sharp, to control different options, including the handling of the USB port emulating a serial COM port. All programs have their source code available for users to use them on their own applications.

Tutorials: Several tutorials with different hardware and ANSI C programming of Bolt 18F2550 system topics are as well available.

Field applications: once the user has developed its project, and is ready for field applications, module may function without the need of the USB cable, using only an external wall transformer. Board includes a special power jack and an on card 5 volt regulator for this purpose (please see photos). In user mode, after power up, microcontroller will autorun application program.

C18 libraries, functions and templates: you'll be able to use C18 templates, libraries and functions, available for all interfaces in module i.e. LCD, keypad, temperature sensor, USB port, serial port, EEPROM, A/D converters. This makes development of new applications fast and simple.

Multifunction system: the system has ports for direct connection, without cables, of a 16 x 1 LCD display and an hexadecimal keypad (both included in the kit). It contains a serial communications port with complete RS232 interface, through which it is possible to perform remote control applications. It also includes a temperature sensor with its C18 functions available.

Additional devices built into the module: a total of 13-bit input/output, 8 leds, 4 microswitches, 1 relay with 127 VAC, 1 amp. contacts; asynchronous and synchronous serial port USART. Microchip's  microcontroller contains also: SPI, I2C, 7-channel of A/D conversion with 10 bits resolution; 2 PWM generators, 4 timers, and a complete interrupt system.


Microcontroller: Microchip's 18F2550-I/SP, multifunction, high-performance, 28-pin DIP, operating with 20 MHz external crystal. Effective speed of 48 MHz, thanks to on-chip PLL multipliers. Harvard architecture, with RISC set of 75 instructions. Word length of 16 bits in code memory.

USB Port: v.2.0 compliant, 12 Mb/s. 18F2550 programming from PC or Laptop via this port.

Power supply: selectable with jumper. Either 5 volts directly from USB port, or non regulated 7.5 to 12 v. from an external wall transformer (card includes a power jack and an on board 5v. 7805 regulator). User may also connect a rechargeable battery to the power jack.

Firmware bootloader: preloaded, allows self-programming of FLASH memory using Bolt v.1.0.1 software. Using a jumper, the user may select either programming mode or autorun mode of operation.

Memory: 32K bytes (16K words of 16 bits) FLASH, 2K bytes of RAM, 256 bytes of EEPROM.

Testing devices: 8 leds connected as witnesses and 4 microswitches for emulation of digital inputs.

Input/Output Ports: A total of 21 bits programmable either as inputs or outputs, with 25 ma. sink or source.

Relay: on card. 127 VAC @ 1A contacts, with screw terminals and witness led. Power supply for relay may only be fed through the power jack for the external wall transformer to avoid inductive loads to the 5 volt USB signal.

Digital temperature sensor: DS18B20, integrated on module, with a resolution of 0.1 degrees Celsius (easily converted to Farenheit).

Timers: A total of 4 (16 bits), for generation of precision delays, real-time clock or event counters.

USART serial port: for asynchronous communication, with standard RS232 interface and DB9 connector.

Synchronous Serial Port: SSP with 2 modes, SPI Master/Slave mode and I2C Slave Mode.

PWM (Pulse Wide Modulation): 2 special outputs to generate PWM with 10 bit resolution.

A/D conversion channels: a total of 10 channels of analog-digital conversion with 10 bit resolution.

LCD display port: 14-pin, 8 data bits, for connection to any standard LCD display.

Keypad port: 8-pin connect to16-key hexadecimal matrix keypad. 6-pin auxiliary header for further expansion.

Special functions: Watch Dog to prevent microcontroller out of operation. Brown Out protection circuit reset. Low Power Sleep mode. Power up automatic reset. Code protect.

System interrupts: generated from multiple devices, including the state change from inputs, timers, USART, writing in EEPROM and 3 external interrupts.

Consumption: nanoWatt technology with very low consumption, <60 ma. @ 5 volts.

Dimensions: 8 x 9.5 cms., fiber glass, thru hole, high quality printed circuit board.


MPLAB IDE v.8.63: for any Windows platform, Microchip's integrated development tool, which includes built-in editor, macroassembler, simulator and C language compiler.

C18 Compiler v.3.40: Microchip's ANSI C compiler which can be integrated into MPAB IDE environment.

Software Bolt v.1.0.1: special bootloader plug and play software for this board, compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 (64 and 32) bit and Vista or XP, for FLASH memory programming module, using its USB port.

Projects and test programs: we provide dozens of test programs in ANSI C, (using C18 compiler) for each of the Bolt module interfaces and functions. Also included are numerous projects, and assembly language test programs for controlling the leds, microswitches and relay.

Complete set of C libraries:  libraries and functions are available for every interface: LCD, keypad, temperature sensor, USB port serial port, EEPROM, A/D converters. This makes development of new applications fast and simple.


We are leading manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of PIC USB Microcontroller Development Board for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs. Contact us to get high quality designed PIC USB Microcontroller Development Board for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs for schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories and various industries. We accept bulk orders for government tenders in all countries around the globe.

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