Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus

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Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus
The unit consists of a plate type heat exchanger, in which cold fluid is cold water and hot fluid is hot water, which is obtained from geyser. The inlet and outer connections of the fluids are positioned so as to make the exchanger counter flow type. Hot and cold fluids pass between alternate plates various measurements provided enables the students to determine heat transfer rate, LMTD, heat transfer coefficients and effectiveness of the heat exchanger.

Heat Exchanger- S.S. Plate heat exchanger wiles nos. of 200 X 400mm.
Geyser to obtain hot water - 3 KW capacity.
Calibrated water flow measuring vessel
Thermometers to measure inlet and outlet temperatures of fluid.
Flow controls valves.
A technical manual accompanies the unit.
Rotameters to measure water flow rates instead of measuring vessel.
Multi channel digital temperature Indicator to measure the temperatures instead of thermometers.
Floor space 1.5m. X 1m,
230V, 15A, AC supply with earthing connection,
Water supply at the rate of about 10 lit/min at constant heat.

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