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Electrical Solar Energy Trainer Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Electrical Solar Energy Trainer

Product Code: Green REN-0001

Details for Electrical Solar Energy Trainer

Solar Energy Trainer.

Learning Objective:
• Measurement and Analysis of Different parameters of Solar PV Module : open circuit and short circuit,parameter measurement with series and parallel PV modules , I-V characteristic and Power curve of PV module and PV array , efficiency and fill factor.
• Load Estimation and calculation.
• Study of Charge controller.
• Study of different parameter of inverter efficiency , PWM switching , charging of batteries , over load and over battery protection

Power Supplies:
• Operated on Mains power 230V, 50Hz +10%

Digital/Analog Meters:
• Voltmeter (DC and AC Separately)
• Ammeter (DC and AC Separately)
• Multi Function Meter
• Capacitor Mounted Inside the Control Panel.

Components featured on the panel are:
• Solar Panels With Stand 500W
• Power And Charge Controller Unit (Solar)
• Batteries (1Nos.)
• DC to AC Converter
• Single Phase Lamp Load Switched Control.

• Front panel built with high class insulated Bakelite sheet with Sticker well printed circuits and symbols.
• The trainer is housed in Modular Based Rack Type Aluminum Extruded Metal cabinet.
• Instruction manual.
• Patch Cords 4mm (Heavy Duty).
• High Voltage Test Points are Provided With 4mm Safety Sockets.
• Short Circuit protection with the MCB.
• Size of the trainer set 48”x24” .

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