Electrostatic Physics Labware

Electrostatic Physics Labware
Electrostatic Electrochemistry Lab Equipments & Models Kits India - Naugra Export offers Physics Laboratory Electrostatic Machine Instruments, which are been used to conduct the physics experiments at schools or colleges. The range of our Physics Laboratory Electrostatic Machine Instruments are been made with good accuracy so that one can get good readings while conducting the experiments. Our assortment of Physics Laboratory Electrostatic Instruments. Models to demonstrate, based on Electrostatic theory is the instantaneous & momentary movement of electric current between two objects at different potential by direct contact or induced electrostatic field. Aepinus Condenser, Biots Apparatus, Compound Rod, Compound Rod 2, Conductor Set, Conical Conductor, Cylindrical Conductor, Discharger, Ebonite Rod, Electric Fields Apparatus, Electric Whirl, Electrophorous. We are a prominent manufacturer and exporter of precisely engineered Physics Laboratory Electrostatic Machine Instruments which find extensive usage in schools & colleges.


Lab Supply Code: PEST-0007