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Electrostatic Physics Labware

Electrostatic Electrochemistry Lab Equipments & Models Kits India - Naugra Export offers Physics Laboratory Electrostatic Machine Instruments, which are been used to conduct the physics experiments at schools or colleges. The range of our Physics Laboratory Electrostatic Machine Instruments are been made with good accuracy so that one can get good readings while conducting the experiments. Our assortment of Physics Laboratory Electrostatic Instruments. Models to demonstrate, based on Electrostatic theory is the instantaneous & momentary movement of electric current between two objects at different potential by direct contact or induced electrostatic field. Aepinus Condenser, Biots Apparatus, Compound Rod, Compound Rod 2, Conductor Set, Conical Conductor, Cylindrical Conductor, Discharger, Ebonite Rod, Electric Fields Apparatus, Electric Whirl, Electrophorous. We are a prominent manufacturer and exporter of precisely engineered Physics Laboratory Electrostatic Machine Instruments which find extensive usage in schools & colleges.

Biots Apparatus for Physics Lab Exporters


Biots Apparatus for Physics Lab is a spherical conductor on insulating stand with insulated handle, to show that electrostatic charge resides on outer surface.

Cellulose Strip for Physics Lab Exporters


Cellulose Strip For producing positive charges relative to polythene when rubbed by woollen rubber.

Condenser Aepinus Exporters


Comprising two metal discs, with variable separation, supported on insulating pillars & provided with insulating handles on the ends of the adjustment slide rods, 4 mm sockets too are drilled onto the ends of the rods.

Conductor Conical Exporters


Conical : made of brass, nickel plated,

Conductor Cylindrical, Physics Lab Exporters


Cylindrical : made of brass nickel plated

Conductor Sphere Exporters


Sphere : made of brass, nickel plated

Discharger Exporters


Small brass plated spheres mounted on curved arms jointed with ebonite insulating handle.

Dynamo Bicycle Exporters


A cycle dynamo mounted on a wooden base 200 x 115 x 12 mm & provided with two sets of gears driven by a hand crank for fast or slow rotation. Two 4 mm socket terminals are provided for the dynamo output. Connected in parallel with an MES lamp holder & 2.5 V bulb.

Electric Fields Apparatus Exporters


Comprises a shallow glass dish100 x 10 mm & a pair of socket terminals/ electrode holders that clip onto its rim. A compliments of six electrodes is supplied, two point source, two line source & two circular rings of 70 & 35 mm diameter respectively.

Electric Whirl For Physics Lab Exporters


For demonstrating the effect of electric discharge from points.

Electrophorous For Physics Lab Exporters


A plastic disc 16 cm diameter in wooden base, a brass nickel plated 100 mm dia plate with ebonite handle & a small brass contact sphere.

Electroscope - Gold Leaf - Dual Purpose for Physics Lab


Rectangular casted metal case and polythene insulated lid with finger flap to facilitate removal.

Electroscope Pith Ball for Physics Lab


Electroscope Pith Ball for Physics Lab A chrome plated brass pillar mounted on a wooden base with 2 pith balls spheres on unspun silk.

Electroscope Simple Flask Type for Physics Lab


Electroscope Simple Flask Type for Physics Lab A 100 ml conical borosilicate glass flask, brass rod with disc & gold leaf attached, supported in cork with polythene insert.

Electrostatics Kit for Physics Lab


A comprehensive kit of apparatus to enable students to investigate many aspects of electrostatic forces.