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Engines & Heat Physics Labware

Engines & Heat  Physics Labware
Heat conduction convection equipments, Heat transfer experiments, physics heat models exporters suppliers & manufacturers. High precision Heat conduction convection equipments, Heat transfer experiments, physics heat models at attractive prices: Aluminium Calorimeters, Bar Breaking Apparatus, Bar & Gauge, Charles Law Apparatus, Compound Strips, Conductivity Apparatus, Calorimeter With Wooden Box, Capillary Tubes Apparatus, Constant Volume Air Thermometer

Demonstration Gas Engine 2 Stroke for Physics Lab


One cylinder, 4 cycled and double valve system gas engine, to show operations like intake, compression, explosion, exhaust, spark and others, mounted on wooden base with spark plug and battery.

Demonstration Gas Engine 4 Stroke for Physics Lab


4 stroke One cylinder, 4 cycled and double valve system gas engine, to show
operations like intake, compression, explosion, exhaust, spark and

Gas Turbine for Physics Lab


The section cut model is constructed of light and strong metal showing air intake, axial flow, double stage compressor, fuel supply, combustion chamber, turbine rotar, jet thrust, exhaust etc.

4-Stroke Diesel Engine for Physics Lab


A model of four stroke water - cooled diesel engine .

2-Stroke Diesel Engine for Physics Lab


A model of two-stroke diesel engine made in aluminium alloy and gun metal.

2-Stroke Petrol Engine for Physics Lab


Represents internal structure and operating principles of an air-cooled two stroke engine.

4-Stroke Petrol Engine for Physics Lab


Represents a typical air cooled, side-valve four-stroke petrol engine with the operation of the valves clearly evident, cams being driven by a gear train from rear of the main crank. As with the two-stroke model, simulated spark plug uses a small lamp to
indicate the firing point. Screw terminals are provided for connection
to 3 Volts battery. Cross-section of carburetter is shown. Mounted ...

Sectional Model of Steam Engine for Physics Lab


The engine model comprises a section cut metal cylinder covered with transparent acrylic plate to observe the working parts -piston, valves, link motion and reversing methods.

Steam Engine Junior for Physics Lab


This is a demonstration model with oscillating cylinder, safty valve and whistle and throttle valve, fuel heated.

Steam Engine Model for Physics Lab


It consists of a powerful fixed cylinder engine with a slide valve driven from a crankshaft eccentric.

Steam Engine with Boiler for Physics Lab


Steam Engine with Boiler for Physics Lab It consists of a powerful fixed cylinder engine with a slide valve driven from a crankshaft eccentric.

Wankel Engine for Physics Lab


The model demonstrates the principle operation. It is cut way to show the internal constructional details.

Solar Cell and Motor for Physics Lab


With motor, unit capable of rotating a small propellor, mounted on mini motor to explain conversion of solar energy into light.

Air Pump for Physics Lab


Fixed on polished wooden base, single barrel made of steel pipe with stopcock.

Ball and Ring Apparatus for Physics Lab


GRAVESANDE - Ring and Ball with Chain. An apparatus for demonstrating thermal expansion, comprising a captive brass ball secured to a mounted brass ring by a chin, Ring mounted on rod with a wooden handle. The ball passes through the ring when cold but will not pass through after being heated.

Ball and Ring Apparatus 2 Parts for Physics Lab


GRAVESANDE - Ring and ball, mounted on separate handle ball.

Bar and Gauge for Physics Lab


For illustrating expansion by heating and contraction by cooling.

Bar Breaking Apparatus for Physics Lab


Heavy cast iron base with 4 uprights, on one end of which is fitted a hand nut, the other drilled with holes to carry a cast iron rod bearing against narrow flats with 12 cast iron breaking rods to show force of contraction or expansion.

Calorimeter Joules for Physics Lab


Consisting of a nickel plated copper vessel with outer vessel of teak wood fitted with bakelite top with hole for thermometer, terminals connected to a coil of wire complete with stirrer & outer teakwood vessel for determining the specific heat capacity of liquid by electrical method.

Calorimeter Set for Physics Lab


1 copper calorimeter, 1 wooden outer box with felt lining, 1 sliding wooden cover for outer box, 1 copper stirrer with loop to fit inside the copper calorimeter, 1 thermometer holder made of brass, removable.

Calorimeter Set Copper for Physics Lab


Good quality one piece spinning, rolled rim, polished finish vessel with wooden/bakelite lid fitted with rubber stopper and metal stirrer.

Calorimeters Aluminium for Physics Lab


One piece spinning with parallel sides & rolled rim.

Calorimeters Copper for Physics Lab


One piece spinning with parallel sides & rolled rim.

Calorimeters Metal Block for Physics Lab


Usable for experiments on specific heat capacity of different metals. 

Capillary Tubes Apparatus for Physics Lab


This apparatus is used to measure surface tension by Capillary rise in a small bore.

Charles Law Apparatus for Physics Lab


A glass U tube, 15 mm dia, with one limb plain 220 mm long and other limb graduated 25 to 35 x 0.2 ml, 120 mm long terminating in a bulb 38 mm diameter, with third limb 185 x 6 mm (L x D) joined at right angles to the plane of the other two, short length of glass tubing mounted in end of wide bore plain limb with rubber bung, a piece of rubber tube and a pinch clip.

Compound Rod for Physics Lab


For showing the difference in conductivity.

Compound Strip (Bar) for Physics Lab


For demonstrating the differential expansion of two metals as shown by the curvature produced when the bar is heated.

Conductivity Apparatus for Physics Lab


Comprising strips of copper, iron aluminium and brass fixed on wooden ring meeting in the centre, outer ends of the strips formed with small cups.

Constant Level Tank for Physics Lab


Comprising a brass cylinder 100 x 75 mm diameter with 3 tubes for water inlet, outlet, & overflow with a bosshead & stand.

Constant Volume Air Thermometer for Physics Lab


Consists of a polished teakwood stand approx. 750 mm high fitted with a wooden scale reading from 0 to 60 cm x 1 mm & supporting an adjustable mercury reservoir by a metal rod.

Continuous Flow Calorimeter for Physics Lab


For determining the specific heat of water or similar liquid. Consists of a glass tube 100 mm long with heating element (electric wire).

Convection Tube for Physics Lab


To show the convection of heat in a liquid.

Crookes Radiometer Double for Physics Lab


Comprising partly evacuated having two bulbs with two sets of vane, containing at its centre a fine pivot which supports four light weight metal arms. One side of each vane is blackened; the reverse side is bright, mounted on round base.

Crookes Radiometer Single for Physics Lab


Comprising partly evacuated glass bulb approx. 70 mm. diameter, containing at its centre a fine pivot which supports four light weight metal arms.

Cylinders Set Equal in Mass for Physics Lab


Comprising six cylinders, diameter 16 mm. each being 100 gram approx.

Cylinders Set Equal in Size for Physics Lab


Equal in size. It consists of six cylinders each of size 38 x 9.5 mm.

Dulong and Petit Apparatus for Physics Lab


Consists of columns surrounded by a glass jacket  closed by rubber bungs & fitted with inlet & outlet tubes for steam & cold water respectively.

Edsers Apparatus for Physics Lab


A copper cylindrical vessel fitted with 5 different rods of copper, brass, iron, aluminium, & zinc.

Ether Thermoscope for Physics Lab


To detect heat radiation, made of glass with bulbs approx. 30 mm, diameter, one bulb painted matt black, partially filled with ether.

Expansion Apparatus for Physics Lab


It comprises two cast iron uprights vertical pillars height approx 180 mm linked by rods, supporting an expansion bar, length 380 mm, fixed to one upright and resting on a friction pointer at the other with scale, supplied with one each aluminium; iron and brass expansion bars.

Expansion Apparatus Gunter for Physics Lab


Comprising two cast end pieces, joined by three nickel-plated rods, caring two sliding V-supports for a glass jacket with inlet and outlet tubes.

Expansion Apparatus Linear for Physics Lab


Used to determine the coefficient of expansion of different metals.

Expansion of Liquids Apparatus for Physics Lab


To show difference in expansion of various liquids over the same temperature range.

Flywheel Unit for Physics Lab


Comprising an iron flywheel mounted in cast brackets with nylon bearings.

Friction Calorimeter Unit for Physics Lab


Comprising a brass cylinder, with an integral V pulley in the base of the cylinder & steel shaft which fits into a bearing block. A vertical pillar carries the cork lined friction arms & thermometer support, mounted on a wooden base.

Hand Wheel Driving Unit for Physics Lab


2 pulleys on a base giving a step up ratio of 3.75

Head of Water unit for Physics Lab


Consists of 2 basins and shaped glass tube. On a platform with a hole to allow use as a simple recirculation system

Hopes Apparatus for Physics Lab


To show that water has a maximum density at 4 degrees Celsius.

Hypsometer Copper for Physics Lab


For the determination of the upper fixed points of thermometers and boiling points at barometric pressures other than atmospheric. Double walled copper cylinder 34 x 6 cm height x outer dia mounted on steam boiler.