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Fluid Mechanics Physics Equipments

Fluid Mechanics Physics Equipments
Fluid Mechanics Science Educational Equipments. Fluid Mechanics Teaching Equipment. Educational Equipment for Fluid Mechanics

Barometer Aneroid for Physics Lab


Dial 100 mm diameter, dial scale 960 to 1060 mb (28-31 in x 0.10 in) figured in black, good quality
movement mounted in a polished plastic frame 155 mm diameter with glass in anodised bezel with lug for rear mounting.

Barometer Aneroid Demonstration for Physics Lab


Demonstration type, fully enclosed in a transparent synthetic case for demonstration. 100
mm coated dial reads from 28 to 32 inches and 950 to 1040 millibars, air tight sealed all around, pressure rubber bulb provided to force the movements, for
educative demonstration.

Barometer Siphon for Physics Lab


The whole column of mercury is visible. Scale is graduated in both English & metric systems. Zero
point adjustment is carried by a screw clamp attached to glass tube. Complete fitted on a polished wooden board.

Barometer Siphon Tube for Physics Lab


Glass tube 90 cm long with bulb on shorter limb.

Barometer Tube for Physics Lab


Glass tube 90 mm long closed at one end.

Bernouilli Tube for Physics Lab


To demonstrate that when a liquid flows through a tube having a constriction, the speed of flow is
increased and pressure decreased in the constricted section.

Bourdon Gauge for Physics Lab


Circular gauge reads 0 to 50 lb./in² x 1 & o to 3.5 Kg/cm² x 0.1 actual (total) pressure with
clear perspex back so that the working parts may be seen.

Boyle's Law Apparatus for Physics Lab


Two glass tubes 220mm long x 8mm bore one closed at the top and other open. Lower ends of two glass tubes are joined by 1 meter of pressure tubing. Both tubes mounted on sliding brackets lockable in any position on metal support rods. Polished wooden stand with graduated scale 0-100 cms, with mms in centre and figured every cm on either side. Supplied without mercury.

Boyles Law Apparatus Demo for Physics Lab


This apparatus is designed to demonstrate to students that volume of air enclosed in the column
is clearly visible to students. A wide bore glass tube is mounted vertically in front of a scale graduated 0-60 cm.

Cartesian Diver for Physics Lab


To demonstrate floating, suspension, & sinking in accordance with Archemede’s principle. Made
of glass.

Communicating Vessel for Physics Lab


The apparatus comprises of four different shapes limbs projecting vertically from a common
horizontal tube made of glass mounted on wooden/plastic round stand.

Fluid Pressure Apparatus for Physics Lab


To demonstrate the transmissibility of fluid pressure. The apparatus comprises two metal
cylinders 15 mm and 30 mm dia respectively fitted with piston and connected by a tube. The pistons are provided with rods terminating in plate forms for
loading with masses required. The complete apparatus is fitted on a wooden base.

Foot Pump for Physics Lab


A standard car pattern with an integral pressure gauge from 0 to 4 kg/cm2 and rubber tube adopter. The pump has
a cylinder and provided with integral pressure tube and standard type valve connector.

Force Pump for Physics Lab


A working model to demonstrate the principles involved in the action of a force-pump.

Fortins Barometer for Physics Lab


A glass tube of 6mm bore is enclosed in an enamelled and lacquered brass case, mounted on a polished
wooden board with plates for fixing on wall. Open plate reflectors, ring and screws for vertical adjustments. A dual scale graduated in 25 to 32 inches and
640 to 810mm is read by verniers moving by rack and pinion, reading to 0.002 inch and 0.1mm are enclosed in a glass cylinder. A glass ...

Hares Apparatus for Physics Lab


This apparatus is used to compare the densities of liquids. It comprises of three limbed glass tube side
limbs 45 cms long and rubber tubing on the centre limb closed by mohr clip.

Hares Tube for Physics Lab


Un-mounted glass tube, limbs with a third short limb for connecting a suction tube.

Hydraulic Press Bramah for Physics Lab


The apparatus comprises a pumping cylinder dia 25mm x 350mm overall height, provided with a piston
and a non return valve at its lower end. A side tube joined at lower end of cylinder is also provided with a non return valve

Hydrometer Battery for Physics Lab


Pipette type, comprising glass float calibrated having coloured zones for charged, partly charged and
uncharged conditions. Compressible bulb and rubber tube with fittings to glass body.

Hydrometer Beaums for Physics Lab


A) For light liquids calibrated at 20ºC. Combined scale range 70 - 10 & 700 bv- 1000.

B) For heavy liquids, calibrated at 20ºC; combined scale 1.000 to 2.000 & 0.70.

Hydrometer Nicholson for Physics Lab


For liquid and solid density experiments, comprises hollow metal floatation body, upper loading pan,
and weighted lower cone, all painted.

Hydrometer Universal for Physics Lab


Having range of 60 degrees, made of glass with parallel graduated stem and shot-loaded bulb.

Jolly Air Bulb for Physics Lab


Jolly Air Thermometer bulb of mounted on a wooden frame that can be fixed at three places - up, middle ,
& down on the stand.

Lift Pump for Physics Lab


A working model of a clear glass to show and explain the principle involved. It has a cylinder of 25 mm dia and
overall lengths of 350 mm, cylinder is provided with non-return float valves and outlet is by means of a side tube.

Liquid Level Apparatus for Physics Lab


Four glass tubes of different shapes & cross sectional areas are connected to a common
horizontal tube. Mounted on a base to show level of liquid is constant.

Lung Demonstration Apparatus for Physics Lab


Glass jar with open top attached with 2 balloons attached to a Y tube simulate the lungs;
the chest cavity & stout rubber sheet which acts as the diaphragm, demonstrating how the lungs are filled & emptied with air by the relaxation &
contraction of the diaphragm muscle.

Magdeburg Hemispheres for Physics Lab


Cast Iron or Brass fitted with stopcock and handles. Two metal hemispheres having removable handle
and stopcock to a vacuum pump. This demonstrates atmospheric pressure.

Made of Iron (dia) (a) 62mm (b) 75mm

Made of Brass (dia) (c) 62mm
(d) 75mm

Manometer for Physics Lab


Made from glass tube, 6 mm bore, 8 mm outer diameter for use at moderate pressures, it is open at both ends
& is supplied unfilled.

Manometer (Vacuum Gauge) Bennert for Physics Lab


Differential manometer - pressure gauge & vacuum gauge closed tube fitted with
mercury, stop cock and sliding mirror scale graduated 200 - 0 - 200 x 2 mm mounted on wooden stand.

Mercury Bottle for Physics Lab


Mercury for experiments packed in plastic bottle 500gms.

Mercury Trough Porcelain for Physics Lab


Tough made of porcelain having capacity of 150 ml.

Pascals Apparatus for Physics Lab


To demonstrate that the pressure of a liquid varies with depth & not the shape
of the vessel, it is a glass vessels, each of 4 different shapes mounted in leak proof metallic collars mounted on a metal base, with plastic bowl.

Pascals Pressure of Liquid for Physics Lab


Comprises a glass bulb approx. 50 mm dia with holes & glass piston overall size 250 mm.

Specific Gravity Bottle for Physics Lab


Made from Soda glass with flat bottom and capillary stopper, unadjusted

Capacity 25 ml

(b) Capacity 50 ml

Specific Gravity Bottle - Borosilicate Glass for Physics Lab


Made from Borosilicate glass with flat bottom and capillary stopper,

(a) Capacity 25 ml

(b) Capacity 50 ml

Spouting Cylinder for Physics Lab


Sheet Metal cylinder 400 x 60 mm (h x d) having three orifices fitted with rubber corks and small glass
tubes of narrow bore of the same size but at different heights, down one side. A wide base ensure stability.

U Tube for Physics Lab


Used as a manometer, this is an glass tube with limbs 600 x 10 mm mounted on graduated wooden stand.