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Mechanical Engineering Trainers

Mechanical Engineering Trainers
Mechanical Engineering Trainers

Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstratorfor Mechanical Teaching Labs


Bernoulli\'s Theorem Demonstrator facilitates the students and the industrial professionals to explore the fundamentals of Bernoulli\'s Theorem in Fluid Mechanics, which consists of classical Venturimeter of clear acrylic. 

Refrigeration Training Setupfor Mechanical Teaching Labs


Refrigeration Training Setup - Compact and Self-contained

Mounted on trolley for mobility

Reynolds Number Demonstratorfor Mechanical Teaching Labs


Reynolds Number Demonstrator - Self Contained unit

Easy Operation. Study and verification of Reynolds Number, Study of different patterns of fluid flow, Study of drag force in fluid.

Robotic Armfor Mechanical Teaching Labs


Study of Stepper motor, Servo motor, DC Motor and feedback control system. Each servo can be controlled individually by giving start angle, stop angle and speed.