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Bench Vice

Bench Vice....

Product Code: NIE-07-05-18-0018 - (Bench Vice)


Bench Vice

Bench Vice....

Product Code: NWT-07-05-0028 - (Bench Vice)


Bending of a Beam to determne Y Trainer for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Equipment for Education, Engineering and Vocational Training - Bending of a Beam to determne Y Trainer Bending of a Beam to determne Y Trainer....

Product Code: ETKN-0105 - (Bending of a Beam to determne Y Trainer for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs)


Bending of Cantilever Trainer for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Equipment for Education, Engineering and Vocational Training - Bending of Cantilever Trainer Bending of Cantilever Trainer....

Product Code: ETKN-0104 - (Bending of Cantilever Trainer for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs)


Bending Rolls

Bending Rolls - Manual, rolling capacity 1.5 mm x 1300mm, diameter of rolls 75mm. supplied with
Mounting frame


Product Code: RRT95 - (Bending Rolls)




Product Code: Workshop Lab - HBW0015 - (BENDS AND FITTINGS FRICTION)


BENKELMAN Beam: Lightweight Aluminium construction For Testing Lab for Bitumen Testing Lab

BENKELMAN Beam for Bitumen Testing - Lightweight Aluminium construction Ease of Transportation, Unique Telescopic Design Simplifying Field set up. Compact, Thereby reducing the amount of storage space needed. Benkelman Beam utilizes the technique of using balanced beam in conjunction with a suitable vehicle to measure road flexure The improved Benkelman Beam is a convenient, accurate device for measuring the deflection of flexible pavements under moving wheel loads. Operating on a simple lever arm principle, the unit consists. Supplied with carrying case. Benkelman Beam with Digital Dial Gauge also available at an extra cost.....

Product Code: NBTE-M20 - (BENKELMAN Beam: Lightweight Aluminium construction For Testing Lab for Bitumen Testing Lab)


Benson Boiler Model - Heat Transfer Training Systems and Heat Lab Engine Trainers for engineering schools

Benson Boiler Model, technical teaching equipment for engineering - Heat Transfer Training Systems and Heat Lab Engine Trainers....

Product Code: NEMHTM08 - (Benson Boiler Model - Heat Transfer Training Systems and Heat Lab Engine Trainers for engineering schools)


Bernouilli Tube for Physics Lab

To demonstrate that when a liquid flows through a tube having a constriction, the speed of flow is increased and pressure decreased in the constricted section.....

Product Code: PFMC-0006 - (Bernouilli Tube for Physics Lab)


Bernoulli s Theorem Demonstration

Bernoulli s Theorem Demonstration We are Leading Supplier of Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration in India. We also bulk supply Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration for laboratory tensers. Features This equipment enables to study the Bernoulli’s theorem through the use of a classical venture tube Equipped with 6 static tapping points and a pilot tube for the measurement of dynamic pressure along the duct The tapping points and pilot tube are connected with a seven tubes differentialpressure gauge The water flow rate is controlled by two valves placed at the inlet & outlet of the Venturi tube Specifications  stainless steel structure 7 tubes pressure gauge, range 0 ~ 500 mm Diameter of venture tube : 20 mm Venturi tube throat diameter : 10 mm Upstream taper : 14º Downstream taper : 21º Dimension : 650 x 400 x 850 mm Training Program Demonstration of Bernoulli’s theorem and of its limitations Direct measurement of the static and dynamic pressure distribution along a Venturi tube Determining the discharge coefficient of the Venturi tube    ....

Product Code: Technical0002 - (Bernoulli s Theorem Demonstration)


Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus

Bernoulli s Theorem Apparatus The Bernoulli s Theorem Apparatus is designed to experimentally verify the Bernoulli’s Theorem. Set up consists of two constant head tanks made of clear acrylic with a venturi tube fitted in between. The venturi tube made in acrylic has 11 pressure measuring points connected to Piezometers so that Pressure Head at each point can be measured.  Arrangements are made to operate the unit under different static heads & at different flow rates.Water is supplied from the sump tank by centrifugal pump & measuring tank is provided to measure the water flow rate. The entire setup is mounted on a strong steel frame. Experimental Capabilities: Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem. Calculating Pressure Head & Velocity Head of fluid at different points along Venturimeter. To draw Static Head distribution along length of Venturimeter Specifications: Constant Head Tank: 2 Nos. Venrurimeter: Convergent – Divergent type, Made in Acrylic with 11 Pressure points Piezometers: Range: 0 – 300 mm, 11 Nos. Sump Tank: 100 Liters, made in PVC Measuring Tank: 32 Liters, Made in PVC, with level indicator Pump: Self priming, Monobloc Centrifugal Pump, Max. Flow 30 LPM, Max. Head 20 m, 230 V AC Piping: PVC Piping with valves Frame: Made of M.S. Square Tubes & Sheets, Welded & Powder coated.  ....

Product Code: NEGEMG122 - (Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus)


Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstratorfor Mechanical Teaching Labs

Bernoulli\'s Theorem Demonstrator facilitates the students and the industrial professionals to explore the fundamentals of Bernoulli\'s Theorem in Fluid Mechanics, which consists of classical Venturimeter of clear acrylic. ....

Product Code: MET-TR-01 - (Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstratorfor Mechanical Teaching Labs)


Bernoullis apparatus for engineering schools

Bernoullis apparatus, technical teaching equipment for engineering Our organization is counted among the listed manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters of premium quality Bernoulli’s apparatus. Offered apparatus is precisely manufactured under strict supervision in compliance with industry laid parameters. These units consist of a rectangular transparent flow section through which water is to be flown. The velocity of water changes across the sectional area of channel changes. Experiments: To verify Bernoulli's Theorem experimentally Utilities Required: Electric supply 0.5 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase Water supply Tap water connection ” BSP Distilled water @ 60 liters (optional) Floor Area with Drain facility   Technical Specifications: Electric supply: 0.5 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase Inlet Tank Capacity: 20 Ltrs. MOC SS Supply Tank Capacity: 85 Ltrs. MOC SS Measuring Tank Capacity: 40 Ltrs. MOC SS fitted with Piezometer Tube & scale Piezometer Tubes: Material P.U. Tubes (9 Nos.)....

Product Code: HBA002 - (Bernoullis apparatus for engineering schools)


Bernoullis Apparatus for engineering schools

Bernoullis Apparatus for engineering schools....

Product Code: Fluid Mechanics001 - (Bernoullis Apparatus for engineering schools)


Bernoullis Theorem Demonstration

Bernoullis Theorem Demonstration

The Bernoulli s Theorem Demonstration accessory illustrates those circumstances to which Bernoulli’s Theorem may be applied. Also, separately, why in other circumstances the theorem gives an inadequate description of the fluid behavior. The setup consists of a venture tube manufactured from clear acrylic with 7 pressure measuring points across the length. These tapings are connected to a manometer bank for measurement of static head at each point. Flow measurement using venturi meter can be studied & the discharge coefficient can be determined.

Experimental Cpabilities -

  • Demonstrating Bernoulli's Theorem and its limitations.
  • Directly measuring the static and total head distribution along a Venturi tube.
  • Determining the meter coefficient at various flow rates.


  • Max. angle of heel: ±13°
  • Manometer range: 0 to 300mm
  • Number of manometer tubes: 8
  • Throat diameter: 10.0mm
  • Upstream diameter: 25.0mm
  • Upstream taper: 14°
  • Downstream taper: 21°



Product Code: NEGEMG132 - (Bernoullis Theorem Demonstration)



BERNOULLI S THEOREM APPARATUS The Set-up is designed to verify Bernoulli’s Theorem experimentally. Set up consists of a one piece clear acrylic test section with convergent and divergent part section, supply tank, measuring tank, inlet water tank and pump for closed loop water circulation. The test section is connected to Piezometer tubes through pressure tapping at different locations on the section to demonstrate the Bernoulli’s Theorem. The flow rate of water is measured using measuring tank and stop watch provided. EXPERIMENTS:- Ø  To verify Bernoulli’s Theorem experimentally.   FEATURES:- Ø  Clear test section Ø  Closed loop water circulation Ø  Compact & stand alone setup Ø  Stainless Steel tanks and wetted parts Ø  Superb Painted structure Ø  Simple to operate & maintain   UTILITIES REQUIRED: - Ø  Electricity Supply:   Provide 230 +/- 10 VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase electric supply with proper earthing (Neutral – Earth voltage less than 5 VAC) 5 A, three pin socket with switch for pump Ø  Water Supply : Tap water connection ½ “ BSP, Distilled water @ 60 Ltrs. (Optional)   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: - Ø  Test Section              :           Material Acrylic, Size Ø  Inlet Tank                             :           Capacity 20 Liters., Stainless Steel Ø  Supply Tank                        :           Capacity 70 Liters., Stainless Steel Ø  Measuring Tank                  :           Capacity 20 Ltrs. Fitted with Piezometer Tube & Scale Ø  Piezometer Tubes               :           Material P.U. Tubes (9 Nos.) Ø  Pump                         :           FHP Capacity make Tullu/Crompton Graves Ø  Piping                                    :           GI / PVC Size BSP Ø  Stop Watch                           :           Electronic Ø  The whole Set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality painted Structure.....

Product Code: Technical0047 - (BERNOULLIíS THEOREM APPARATUS)


Bernoulliís Theorem Trainer & Lab Training Kit for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs

Equipment for Education, Engineering and Vocational Training - Bernoulli’s Theorem Trainer & Lab Training Kit - Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstrator facilitates the students and the industrial professionals to explore the fundamentals of “Bernoulli's Theorem” in Fluid Mechanics. It states that, in a steady flow the sum of all forms of mechanical energy (kinetic, potential and pressure energy) in a fluid along a streamline is the same at all points on that streamline. It consists of classical venture of clear acrylic. A series of wall tapping allows measurement of static pressure distribution of convergent duct, while a total head tube is provide at the centre of throat. These tapping are connected to a bank of manometer tube. This unit has been designed with Hydraulic Bench to study the characteristic flow through convergent and divergent section. During the experiment, the water fed to the venture and the flow rate can be control by the gate valve at the outlet of venture. The venture is used to demonstrate the flow rate measurement and to determine the co-efficient of discharge. Self contained system Simple representation of concept Direct measurement of static head Seven pressure tapings along with tubes Requires minimal installation Robust and transparent Venturimeter All tanks are rust proof Technical Specifications Test Section (Venture) : Throat Diameter - 12mm, : Upstream Diameter - 33 mm : Upstream Taper - 10° : Downstream Taper - 17° : MOC - Acrylic (Transparent) Manometer : 0 to 300 mm, Seven Tubes (Flexible & Transparent) Reservoir Tank : 503 ´ 300 310 mm, Capacity - 40 Liters Overhead Tank : 191 195 450 mm, Capacity - 16 Liters Measuring Tank : 290 300 251 mm, Capacity - 23 Liters Pump : 72 LPM, 0.5 HP, 230 V, 50 Hz Level Indicator : 20 cm (Body mounted type) Scope of Learning To verify Bernoulli's Theorem. To observe (visually) types of flow (laminar or turbulent) and calculation of Reynolds Number....

Product Code: CON-022-NE - (Bernoulliís Theorem Trainer & Lab Training Kit for Vocational Training and Didactic Labs)


Bevel Helical Reducer

Bevel Helical Reducer
This product is a cut-away model of a Bevel Helical Reducer. It is mounted on a base....

Product Code: TechnicalLab0444 - (Bevel Helical Reducer)


Bicycle Ergograph - 9

Bicycle Ergograph - 9....

Product Code: PHRM-0023 - (Bicycle Ergograph - 9)


Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Engineering Training Model for engineering schools

 Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Engineering Training Model, technical teaching equipment for engineering....

Product Code: NEGEMG110 - (Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Engineering Training Model for engineering schools)